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What Does FPS Mean in Airsoft ?

What Does FPS Mean in Airsoft ?

what does fps mean in airsoft

FPS stands for feet per second, and it is a measure of the velocity at which the BBs are shot out of an airsoft gun. (if a bb gun is 200 FPS it means the bb pellet will travel at 200 feet per second when fired from a 200 fps bb gun.)

It is important to understand the fps because it determines the range and power of an airsoft gun when shooting.

The FPS rating of a bb or airsoft gun is also used as a guide to regulate the use of an airsoft gun at skirmish events to ensure the safety players during games.

The importance of your airsoft guns FPS when going to an airsoft game cannot be overstated, and if your bb guns are too powerful, you simply won't be able to play.

So it is crucial to know the FPS of your airsoft gun before playing.

FPS also determines how hard the BB will hit the target and how far it will travel when fired from your bb gun.

There are a few ways to measure the FPS in airsoft guns, but the most common method is using an airsoft chronograph.

This device measures the speed of the BBs as they leave the barrel of the airsoft gun. We have a separate guide on how to Crono an airsoft gun that you can find here.

FPS Limits in Airsoft games

FPS limits vary depending on the type of airsoft game being played. (indoors, outdoors CQB Etc.) but there are standard FPS limits that are generally followed by most airsoft fields in the UK.

Generally, in the UK, the maximum FPS limit for indoor CQB (Close Quarters Battle) games is usually around 350 FPS (single shot only), while outdoor fields may allow up to 350fps on full auto or upto 450 FPS for sniper rifles but minimum engagement distances will apply.

Make sure that your airsoft gun meets the FPS limits for your site before going to it. Most airsoft game sites have strict rules regarding FPS, and players who do not comply with the FPS regulations will not normally be allowed to play. Check the FPS limits of the airsoft field you plan to play at, or ask an airsoft player you know who goes to that site.


Factors that Affect An Airsoft Guns FPS

Factors that Affect Airsoft Guns FPS
A few factors will affect the FPS of an airsoft gun. But one of the most important factors is the weight of the BB pellets you are using. Heavier BBs will have lower FPS because they require more energy to propel them out of the barrel. Lighter BB pellets will have higher FPS because they require less energy to travel.

The type of BBs used can also affect the FPS of an airsoft gun. High-quality BBs are typically more consistent in weight and size, resulting in more accurate shots and higher FPS. Low-quality BBs may cause jams and lower FPS.

The inner barrel length of the airsoft gun can also affect FPS. Longer barrels tend to have higher FPS because they provide more time for the BBs to accelerate before leaving the barrel.

The spring strength of the airsoft gun can also affect FPS. Stronger springs tend to result in higher FPS, but they also make the airsoft gun harder to cock if you are using a spring-powered gun. If you are using an AEG (electric-powered airsoft gun), the less strong the spring is in it, the more shots you will get before your battery runs flat and the less wear and tear on your gun's gearbox and motor, also your rate of fire will be a bit higher. But on the flip side, your bb airsoft guns range, and power will be less.

Putting a more powerful or higher voltage battery in your electric airsoft gun will not change its fps power.

See our airsoft gun FPS Chart here, which will show your airsoft guns' approximate range by FPS.


Increasing an Airsoft Guns FPS

Increasing an Airsoft Guns FPS
If you want to increase the FPS of your airsoft gun, there are a few things you can do, but the most effective way is to upgrade your airsoft guns spring; some new aeg's come with a quick spring change system, but you only want to do this if you have the help of someone with experience for doing it. But if you don't have someone to help, try looking on youtube to see if there is a tutorial for your model gun.

Another way to increase FPS is to simply use a lighter-weight BB pellet. As mentioned earlier, lighter BBs tend to have higher FPS. But, it is important to note that using a BB weight that is too light can cause accuracy issues as lighter bbs have the tendency to curve up when firing them, and they are more affected by the wind.

Also, adjusting the hop-up system can improve the overall performance of your airsoft gun. The hop-up system is responsible for backspin on the BBs, which helps them travel further and more accurately.



So, FPS is an important term to understand when it comes to airsoft. It determines the range, accuracy, and power of the airsoft gun and is used to regulate the power of airsoft guns for safety reasons.

Understanding FPS limits and factors that affect FPS can help you optimize your airsoft gun's performance and ensure that you comply with airsoft rules and regulations.


Airsoft Gun FPS FAQs

What is the maximum FPS allowed for airsoft guns?
The maximum FPS allowed for airsoft guns varies depending on the type of game being played. but its normally about 350 fps

How do I measure the FPS of my airsoft gun?
The most common method for measuring FPS is using an airsoft chronograph.

Can I increase the FPS of my airsoft gun?
Yes, you can increase the FPS of your airsoft gun by upgrading certain parts, using a lighter BB weight, or optimizing the hop-up system or bb guns spring.

What happens if my airsoft gun does not meet the FPS limits?
If your airsoft gun is too powerfull they won't let you play, its as simple as that.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when playing airsoft?
Yes, it is vital to wear proper safety gear, such as eye protection and to follow all rules and regulations set by the airsoft field. Always treat airsoft guns as if they are real firearms.