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AR gun games

AR Guns

Augment Reality Guns (AR guns) create a virtual reality world for the user, that adds unrivalled realism to shoot um up gameplay.

An AR-Gun is an expandable toy gun that when combined with your smart phone creates an awesome gaming experience not seen before.

When you buy an AR-Gun, you can then download AR Gun APP for free to your iPhone or android device.

When the app is loaded onto your phone you select the game you want to play (there are around eight but more on that later.) then the real world will be integrated into the virtual game world. For example, if you're in the garden you will see everything around, but if playing the alien attack game, you will see space ships flying around your garden.

with this enhanced realistic experience the player will need to move around to shot the targets, letting the player enjoy the interaction between reality and virtual world.

the player moves the gun around turning to find the enemy, then aiming and pulling the trigger to destroy the enemy.

Sounds and flashing lights etc all add to this fantastic type of new game.

there are even learning games built into the app that help the player learn simple maths or spelling etc

The AR guns we have on offer here are just the start of this brand new gaming niche that is set to take the world of Augment Reality gameplay to the next level.


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