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bb pellet buying guide for bb guns - 2023

BB Pellet buying guide for BB Guns - 2023

All of the bb pellets on this site are 6mm, and any 6mm bb pellets will fit any bb gun or airsoft gun we sell on this site.

The only difference is the BB pellets weight (Ranging from 0.12g to 0.40g) and type (biodegradable, tracer or exploding etc)

As a rule of thumb, the lighter the bb pellet, the faster and further it will go when fired, but generally, they will be a little less accurate and prone to move in the wind more than more heavy bb pellets, and the heavier the pellet, the better the accuracy, but the speed and range of the pellet will fall the heavier you go. The impact of a heavier and a lighter pellet hitting you fired by the same gun will be the same.

So you have to try and get some balance between power and accuracy. This may take a little trial and error to get the right bb's for your gun, but it's not so hard, and this is part of the game and loads of fun to do, and at the same time, it really lets you get to know your gun.

Quick tip... if your bb's are curving up when fired, you need to turn your hop up down, but if your airsoft bb gun has a fixed hop-up you need more heavy bb's. if you dont know what a hop up is see our article here "what is a hop up"


Different types of bb pellets

Regular BB Pellets

Normal bb pellets are considered the best way to go in most circumstances as they are the most reliable and less prone to breaking or cracking. this is great for keeping your bb gun in good working order and why most airsofters use them, and the best benefit is they are usually the cheapest bb pellets you can buy.

angry ball bb pellets 

Biodegradable bb pellets (bio bb's)

Biodegradable bb pellets will Disintegrate after some time in your garden or the site you are playing on and are normally non-toxic and safe if your pet eats them, but please check the label if you buy some. Generally, Biodegradable bb pellets will cost a little extra than their nonBiodegradable counterparts. One other thing to consider is that they break easier on impact so if you're shooting at someone who has a mesh mask on they can break, and fragments could go through the masks mesh. Some skirmish sites (in woods) and some countries (like holland) only allow you to use Biodegradable bb pellets so they may be your only choice. They are probably the best bbs to buy if your shooting in your garden as you won't have to bother to pick them up if they annoy you. goto bio bb pellets

bio bb pellets 

Softmark marking bb pellets

This type of bb pellet will Leave a chalk mark upon hitting the target you are aiming for, stopping any disputes over if you hit your enemy or not. This a pretty uncommon type of bb pellet and there are not many different types of them available, but they work well, and we have not had any of them giving any of our bb guns any problems. they work good for target practice or in airsoft games, but they only come in 0.12g or 0.20g

softmark bbpellets

Paintball BB pellets

This type of bb pellet will Leave paint mark upon hitting the target you are aiming for, stopping any disputes over if you hit your enemy or not. we do not recommend paintball bb pellets with hi-end guns, we have not had any problems with them but they are not that strong as they are designed to break on impact, and if one were to break inside your expensive AEG, it would leave an unpleasant mess to clean and potentially course your airsoft gun to jam, so best leave our paintball bb pellets to cheap spring rifles and bb pistols.


Tracer BB Pellets

Glow-In-The-Dark Pellets (normally caller tracers) They provide a great alternative to your indoor/outdoor target shooting wars. Because they glow this makes them ideally suited for low light tactical gaming events, you can also see them leave a tracer trail as they fly through the air, but they all work best with an add-on tracer unit on your gun that we do sell, some of them will glow better than others without an airsoft tracer unit (the Crossman 0.12g work best without one) this type of bb pellet is very strong like the regular bb pellets, but tracer bb's is normally the most expensive you can buy.


Exploding bb pellets

By exploding, we don't mean they blow holes in walls or even sheets of paper for that matter (any BB does that!) but they 'crack' on impact with a hard surface much like the Hollywood style special FX when you see sparking ricochets. but You and anybody else in the area MUST wear eye protection with solid lenses, NOT MESH, as the fragments can enter through the holes in the mesh screen, that said Exploding bb pellets are about the most fun type of bb pellet you can get

Aluminum Metal bb pellets

Aluminum Metal bb pellets will are strongest bb pellets you can get. They don't really hurt any more than normal pellets when you get hit with them, but they look pretty cool and will set you apart from the competition as they are quite rare to find as not many airsoft shops sell them.

metal bb pellets


BB's to Gun Type.

  • 0.12g: – Cheap spring pistols and some low powered electric guns
  • 0.15g: - good for spring Pistol and electric pistols
  • 0.20g:  – Are the standard bb pellet for most guns on this site and best used with mid range electric rifles and gas pistols
  • 0.25g: – Good for gas pistols and hi end AEG rifles   
  • 0.30g: – Good for very powerful sniper rifles, hi end gas pistols and gas rifles


Fps to BB Pellet Weight Guide.

The chart below is for reference only. The best way to determine the BB weight that works best with your Airsoft gun is to shoot them, this is part of the game and lots of fun. For AEG, Gas guns, and other high-end Airsoft guns, strongly recommend using high-grade 0.20g or above bbs. We only Sell high-grade bbs and they will work with any airsoft gun, however, if you use the right bb pellet for you weapon it will give you optimized performance and gaming advantage in your battles. Factors such as hop-up, wind, inner barrel diameter, brand etc will all play a part in determining the best bb pellet for you.


0.12g: up to 200 fps
0.15g: 180 to 250 fps
0.20g: 210 to 350 fps
0.23g: 330 to 420 fps
0.25g: 350 to 480 fps
0.28g: 390 to 500 fps
0.30g: 400 to 600 fps
0.40g: 450 to 600+ fps

bb pellet weight guide 



It is no secret that the quickest way to ruin a decent airsoft bb gun is by using crap BB pellets. Unfortunately, many people will still buy cheap bb pellets from market stalls or off of eBay or Amazon, they will look and sound cheap, but that's the problem they are cheap and nasty.  Price wise they sometimes may be a pound cheaper or maybe even the same price. but they are so bad sometimes it is laughable.


(An Example of poor quality bb pellets commonly sold on eBay or amazon.)

Many airsofters will purchase lower grade BB pellets at places like this, only to quickly discover that their airsoft gun no longer fires. Many will say wrongly that the problem with a rubbish gun, but in truth, the crappy BB’s have shattered or the bbs deformed shape has got stuck in their guns gears or internals.

If a gun is returned faulty to any bb guns shop and on inspection it's been found to have used rubbish bb pellets it will void your gun's warranty. The extra cost to buy better quality bb pellets is very low, and if you consider the damage to your gun in the long term, they work out cheaper.

things to look for on crappy bb's are pellets that are deformed, out of shape, or they have visible seams sticking out of the bbs, silver or gold sprayed bb pellets is also a tale tale sign of a crappy bb pellet.

Also do not use the small packet of bb pellets that come with the guns, as the manufacturers seem to put the cheapest bb pellets in with the gun the can get, (I know its crazy) sometimes they can be ok but usually the poor quality, low-grade BB pellets may cause damage to the bb gun, the guns will only have about 50 bb's with them, and the value of them is pennies, so it's just not worth taking the risk.

The bottom line is Always buy good quality bb pellets from a known brand, Every bb pellet make on this site will have been tested for quality before we have put it into stock.



Never reuse bb pellets.

1. After a bb has been fired and hit something this may have cracked the pellet and/or deformed the shape of it, and probably has made it weaker. airsoft bbs are made to very precise dimensions with very little tolerance for a reason, tight bore barrels, and aeg gear boxes have very very little room for error and a deformed bb pellet will block your gun quicker than you can say pew pew.


2. When you watch films of soldiers with their guns they are always cleaning them, right? well airsoft guns are the same it is very important not to get dirt, grit or grease in the internals of an airsoft gun, and the best way to do this is by not picking them up off of the floor, even if your hands and fingers are not sticky from sweat, sweets or butter from the toast you just was just eating they will naturally have oil in them that will allow dust and dirt to stick to the bb's after you have touched them. little by little this will begin to make the insides of your gun dirty and affect the performance and reliability of it. good bb pellets can cost less than 5 for 1p so why risk breaking your new aeg rifle for the sake of a few pence.


Brand Types

As to which brand is the best or worst for BBs, there are too many brands and way too many opinions on each to comment. The best way to find out is to purchase a well known brand and try it out yourself.

Good Luck.