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- GREAT Value For Money
- Up To 50+% Off Sale Price!
- Bigger boxes yield better guns


The BBGuns Mystery box is a product that is truly unique to us, we are the first UK 2 TONE
website to offer this service, and as such you will not find a deal like this anywhere but here!

A Mystery box will contain a mixture of both weapons, and equipment at a massive discount to
what they would normally sell for on the site, some boxes will be the same, others will not so
there is no confirmed guarantee that you will get the same as something another box owner
received! Everything from the boxes is 100% Brand New and has never been used before it
comes to you - This means you could end up getting something you have wanted for ages, or
could get something even better; That is the beauty of the mystery box - you will never know
what you might gain from it and you will most certainly always be amazed at the contents!

"Box" Types -

Small - £29.99
Medium - £49.99
Large - £74.99
Extra Large - £99.99
Jumbo - £149.99

Get them while you can, As they will not be around forever!


While we do call the item a "Mystery Box" they are usually packed in our normal "Bulk order"
style of using a postal bag to hold together all the items, this makes it easier for you to see what
is in the "Mystery Box" when opening it, and means it is much harder to lose anything !


Good luck to all, Prepare to be amazed with your Mystery box! 

Sku :


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  1. Small mystery box 5 Star Review

    Posted by Kyprianous on 27th Sep 2023

    I got cyma p799a. 24.95. 2 bad ass bbs. 11 pounds. M30 hop up. 12.99. total 49.84 so very good value. For small box.

  2. 75 large box 5 Star Review

    Posted by Pam on 2nd Jun 2023

    I purchased a medium box that was epic 3 days later I ordered a large and got discounts used off my previous box the box was epic battery powered machine gun which is just the coolest will ordering the xl next! Thanks so much

  3. Awesome value for money 5 Star Review

    Posted by Pam on 28th May 2023

    Got the medium mystery box and have just ordered the large! Great value for money can’t wait to see my next box. Thanks guys

  4. Roughly £200-£230 worth of stuff for the £150 box 5 Star Review

    Posted by Kacy Davey on 6th May 2023

    The two notable items I received were the
    *Double Eagle M82 electric Semi and fully automatic bb gun

    *Well MB06 BB Gun Airsoft Sniper Rifle In Green (no accessories)

    Other than those two which equal roughly £120-130 I also received 4 bottles of BB pellets of different grades, a spring single shot rifle with a spring pistol included, a cheap spring pistol with a target. All coming to around £200-230. I would definitely recommend the mystery box, you always seem to get more than what you pay for. The only time I would suggest you don't is if you're hoping to get something specific.

  5. Amazing 5 Star Review

    Posted by Xan on 3rd May 2023

    I got 2 pots of bbs 1 pistol and a pump shotgun total price was about £90 in the £30 box.

  6. Thrilled 5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2023

    Absolutely pleased with everything in it, 2 amazing guns and 2 pots of bb’s

  7. Good deal if you don't mind what you get. 5 Star Review

    Posted by Tim. on 27th Feb 2023

    In the £50 box was

    Vigor 2123-A1 £12.99 £7.99


    AGM M180-B2 PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN £59.99 £34.99

    ANGRY BALL 2000 X 0.15G BB PELLETS £8.99 £4.95

    ANGRY BALL 2000 X 0.20G BB PELLETS £8.99 £4.95


    Full price total 120.94

    Sale total 78.78

    Your box probably will contain different stuff but hopefully to the same price, 50% or more than the sale prices.

    The best is the Galaxy g20.

  8. 100% worth it 5 Star Review

    Posted by Tyaxfam on 24th Jan 2023

    Ordered the £30 box, so pleased with the result. M4 looking assault rifle with a pistol plus the bb's to suit. Total worth more than £30. Next time I'm ordering the £50 box

  9. Excellent value 5 Star Review

    Posted by Connor on 6th Jan 2023

    I ordered the Large (£74.99) box, and recieved 2 jars (2000 bbs each) of 0.20g pellets, an electric Well P90, a spring Cx4 Storm, and a full metal spring glock, all in all came to about £120 when priced individually. Very impressed and will 100% order again in future. :)

  10. Extra large box not recommended 3 Star Review

    Posted by Aaron Barker on 2nd Jan 2023

    After buying a £50box not too long ago I decided to go 2 up and get the £100extra large box and after opening the box to see a m82 bundle which I could have bought for £79.99 I was not happy at all considering I got better guns in my £50 box a couple weeks before

  11. Overall good 4 Star Review

    Posted by Ms on 1st Jan 2023

    Worth the money as i got a rifle and a pistol and a lot of BbS. The overall build quality was very cheap and the stock of the rifle has already broken within 2 hours of recieving.

  12. Pretty good value. 4 Star Review

    Posted by A on 21st Nov 2022

    Brought one in 2022 (£30 one)
    Came with a spring rifle a powerful spring shotgun and a pistol. I think I profited by like £15 pounds.

  13. Great items 5 Star Review

    Posted by Carol Mellors on 21st Nov 2022

    Very happy with the mistrey box very good value

  14. Excellent value 5 Star Review

    Posted by Meemo on 11th Nov 2022

    Brought the £50 mystery box and was pleased with the selection and value

  15. £50 mystery box 5 Star Review

    Posted by Michael Collins on 26th Sep 2022

    What a great value for the money pulled 2 spring pistols and a spring rifle 3 tubs of high grade bbs for a starter kit worth the money and would love to try a jumbo box see me unbox it on tik Tok

  16. Mystery box? Yes! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Rod on 20th Aug 2022

    The box held a seemingly never ending supply of boxes with treasure inside!

  17. Wow - Money worth spending 5 Star Review

    Posted by Mat B on 20th Aug 2022

    Brought the mystery box and was so happy with my purchase. In fact I was blow away by the products I got. I will buy another box in the future.

  18. Good introduction 4 Star Review

    Posted by Fraser on 17th Aug 2022

    So as its my first Airsoft experience, I decided to buy a £30 mystery box and I'm really happy with what I got 3 Spring powered guns,one pistol,an assault rifle and shotgun plus 6000bbs.I definitely recommend this box to any who is thinking about getting into Airsoft or target shooting.

  19. Great value 5 Star Review

    Posted by Will on 11th Aug 2022

    Ordered £50 mystery box received scar assault rifle short ak47 and a pistol with 3 tubs of bbs very happy will be ordering again hopefully get shotgun next time

  20. £50 Box 5 Star Review

    Posted by John on 6th Aug 2022

    Great customer service, the SCAR included in the box was a fantastic gun. Very pleased.

  21. Much better than I expected 5 Star Review

    Posted by Darren M on 19th Jun 2022

    I bought the smallest box as an added treat after getting everything that I wanted. I was expecting a lot of tat but was pleasantly surprised. Inside was a shotgun and pistol set, an assault rifle and loads of BBs. The assault rifle didn't last 5 minutes really and the pistol on the shotgun and pistol set isn't the greatest but the shotgun on its own was worth the purchase, plus I have enough ammo to last me most the year. I may treat myself to a bigger box when I next restock on ammo!

  22. Good Value For Money 4 Star Review

    Posted by Archie M on 27th May 2022

    I bought the £30 mystery box, great value for money got an AK and a shotgun which came with a pistol and 2k BBs the AK came faulty but gave them a quick email and they said they replace it (not yet arrived)

  23. Good value for money 4 Star Review

    Posted by Ayden on 28th Apr 2022

    Not to bad, brought the 100 one got 5 guns and 3 tubs of bb bullets, however I thought the contents would be a little better, not a single metal gun or something decent all 30-40 on the website, I mean I would of paid more if I brought seperate, brought another 75 one just to see the difference, hopefully this one will be better

  24. Very happy 5 Star Review

    Posted by Elliot Darnley on 13th Apr 2022

    £50, 3 guns and 2 x 2000bbs (1 x 0.12, 1 x 0.20). 1 x vigor c4, plastic spring pistol, nice to hold and looks good shoots like any other spring pistol. 1 x vigor v7, mostly metal spring pistol, looks great great to hold fires very well got some oomph behind it. 1 x Vigor 8904A Tommy gun M1A1 spring rifle, love it looks awesome, handles beautiful, feels so so nice to hold and packs a hell of a punch for a lower end spring rifle. Overall very happy. Thank you bbguns4less.

  25. 30 mystery box 3 Star Review

    Posted by Theo on 1st Apr 2022

    Ordered the £30 box Got 2 2000 bb’s a plastic shotgun and a plastic smg,Was hoping for a pistol of some sort

  26. Mystery Box 5 Star Review

    Posted by Mark Matta on 14th Mar 2022

    Just bought a £50 as a trial then a £150 Mystery box just a for a weekend Stag party.
    Impressed with the value for money on both options.

    I'd say the £50 option was geared towards back garden play but we got some really fun kit in the £150 option, Including an electric automatic and a sniper rifle that rivals my SPECNA M4 for power (based purely on how much my hand and thigh stung when the b*st*rd thing hit me).

    If you don't mind too much what you get and want to save a few quid give it a go ... i wasn't disappointed.

  27. Decent 4 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2022

    I ordered the 50 pound box and got 2 pistols and a sniper. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because the very late delivery but other then that i'm happy with what I got. I might consider buying another mystery box soon.

  28. Exciting and scary at the same time lol 5 Star Review

    Posted by Bigbaldnige on 13th Feb 2022

    I bought the £200 box after watching YouTube videos. I was really excited to see what I'd get and I wasn't disappointed at all. We got £300 worth of guns and bits. Definitely do this again.

  29. Im proper buzzing with it 5 Star Review

    Posted by Jordan Gladwin on 9th Feb 2022

    Really happy got 3 rifles a pistol target and 4k bbs havnt tested them yet but will be doing

  30. Worth it! 4 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Feb 2022

    Purchased it like a week twoish weeks ago, arrived quiet quickly. 1 spring shotgun, and a pistol. As well as a bottle of .2 BBs, shotgun works a treat and the pistol makes a good spare. Good choice if your not sure what guns to get or you want a surprise and you want value for money.

Showing reviews 1-30 of 244 | Next

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