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FPS Chart for working out the power of airsoft guns

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below is a nice little chart for working out the power of an airsoft gun in relation to a airsoft guns fps

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New cheap BB gun from cyma P1161 Sniper rifle and pistol

This rifle is due to us around the 20th of November. There is also a similar rifle from cyma in the range that we are also getting, we will be the first and only airsoft bb gun company in the UK with this bb gun.The gun modelled on a Barrett M82 .51 cal is spring [...]

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Expected shipments coming soon!

ok just a quick one, to let you know whats on its way to us from china and Taiwan shortly.first we have a container with accessories like, loads of new masks, goggles, glasses, slings, vests, targets, holsters and so on.the next container has loads of new bb guns from army armerment, mostly gas pistols in [...]

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self store storage container for rent near stansted & great dummow

if you have to much junk and you are looking for a self storage unit for rent, maybe try out our friends at Stansted storage who have 8ft, 10ft and 20ft container storage for can store anything that legal from a motorbike to your airsoft of bb guns. the prices are great and your stuff [...]

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Galaxy G19 (walther p99)​ BB Gun Review

We have given the description of the popular Galaxy G19 (walther p99) a quick update with some more info for anyone interested in it, we also added some you tube video reviews of it from some users, better photos to follow asap.This bb gun is a replica of a Walther P99 pistol, The Walther P99 is a [...]

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well mb4403 olive drab just in stock

we have just got the well-mb4403 sniper rifle in olive drab in stock, this popular rifle packs a punch firing up to 500 fps, and features a cool folding adjustable stock. it is a bolt action spring powered sniper rifle and if you want to find out more about it click the link here.

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cyma p47 review.

With have given the description of the popular cyma p47 bb gun a quick update with some more info for those of you who was asking for it, we also added a you tube video review of it from a user, better photos to follow asap.

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shop closing early on the 2nd of june

shop closing early on the 2nd of june having to close at 2pm saturday 2nd june 

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big re-supply of black airsoft guns due in tomorrow

we have a hi big re-supply of black airsoft guns due in tomorrow (may31st) more details to follow!

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Massive Well,Galaxy and blackviper re-stsock very soon

we have a 3 big containers coming in to us over the next 2 weeks. first we have a well container due in around the 15th of april this will have a lot of out of stock sniper rifles, some gas bb guns and 1 or to electric guns. there are also a few new [...]

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