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Cheap bb guns

Our pick of 25 of the best cheap bb guns in the UK in 2023

If you are just starting out with bb guns, we aim to tell you everything you need for your first-time purchase of a two-tone bb gun.

BB guns are popular because of their realistic looks, and they are great fun to play with; whether it's for target practiceor an airsoft skirmish event, it's a great sport to play. its also way cheaper than paintball, and the price of entry-level guns makes this hobby the cheapest shooting sport to get started in.

When you are thinking of what is a cheap bb gun, you can get a £200 gun from a shop that is cheap, but it still costs £200, but here we are going to concentrate on pistols and rifles below £50


Cheap BB guns below £10

It is hard to find a good quality bb gun with a price under £10. but there are a few models that offer good value for money, but for under a tenner, you are looking at a spring bb pistol where you pull the top slide back to cock the pistol.

bare in mind you are not going to get a bb gun that performs like a £100 model; you are going to get what you pay for.

These are the cheapest spring-powered weapons we sell in our UK shop; for this cost, accuracy and power could be quite low, and expect a plastic-made pistol, but if you look around the website, it is possible to pick up a cheap metal bb gun (rifles start at a higher price point)

  1. Cyma P698 Plus - this is one of our favourites it comes with two magazines and is highly customizable

  2. Vigor V307 Custom EU17 Pistol - looks like a Glock and is one of our most popular replicas

  3. Galaxy G1 pistol - This full metal bb gun is a copy of a colt 25, its full scale but colt 25's are on the small side

  4. Vigor V2124 Custom P226 pistol - another one from vigor which makes most of the cheap pistol bbguns we sell.

  5. Galaxy G3 - P230 Replica Full Metal Pistol - This is not full scale but its affordable and has good value


Cheap BB guns below £20

At this price point, you can get a decent metal pistol bb gun from the Chinese brand galaxy or a well-made plastic firearm from a Taiwan manufacturer like blackviper.

a bb gun at this price is going to be a lot better more fun and last longer than the £10 bb guns.

But for this price, you are still going to still be getting a spring-powered pistol; this type of pistol you can use for target shooting or as a cheap emergency backup at an airsoft skirmish.

  1. Galaxy G13 Full Metal Spring BB Gun in gold - at the time of writing, this bb gun is on sale and is a top seller on bbguns4less

  2. Galaxy G25A Kimber Pistol - Laser & Silencer - another one on sale. The bonus of this is that it comes with a laser sight

  3. Galaxy G15 Full Metal BB Gun - everyone loves a Glock look-a-like, and this gun is a best seller on our website.

  4. Double Eagle M24 CZ85 - this cheap spring gun is made of plastic and comes with a mock silencer

  5. Colt 1911 with Spring Powered bb gun - this fully licenced colt is on special offer and comes with a free laser sight.


Best bb guns below £30

for 30 pounds or under you will start to see our cheapest spring-powered bb gun rifles; even though they are under 30 pounds, they can still pack a punch

  1. Blackviper M92F Electric Blowback BB pistol

  2. Y&P GG106 E226 Replica Gas-Powered Pistol

  3. Vigor 9904 M4 Rifle & EU17 Pistol Combo Pack in Blue

  4. Budget Spring BB Gun Bundle Deal 2

  5. Vigor 8920A M4 Spring Powerd Rifle in Blue


Cheap bb guns below £40

for £40 and under, you can get some good spring-powered shotguns and rifles from the double eagle; they are normally a bit better quality and offer great value, and are some of our most popular replicas.

We also sell some cheap gas (non-blowback pistols) at around 30 to 35 pounds.

  1. Vigor 7857 - L85A1 Rifle & EU17 Pistol Combo Pack

  2. Blackviper Micro UZI Electric BB Gun in Clear

  3. Double Eagle M305F M14 - value for cheap money rifle from double eagle

  4. AGM M180-C2 Pump Action ShotGun with Tactical Stock

  5. Blackviper Spring Revolver with Long Barrell - if you want a good revolver, look no further than this it looks and works great.


Best bb guns around £50

Around this price, you possibly may start to see the cheapest electric airsoft guns (AEG).

It's worth checking the sale page on the site to see if there are bargains, as from time to time, we do discounts on loads of bb gun, and that's a great place to check.

  1. Double Eagle M82 electric Semi and fully automatic bb gun

  2. Blackviper Gas Revolver With Mid Size Barrel

  3. Well D89 MP7 Electric BB Gun

  4. Blackviper USP Gas Pistol NBB in Clear - powerful and accurate, but you will need to also buy some airsoft gas to make this gun work

  5. Vigor Spring BB Gun Bundle Deal 2 - If you want a bundle of cheap bb guns check out this bundle deal

and as a bonus the top cheap we would recommend is the double eagle m85 and the double eagle m83


When buying a Cheap BB gun, Hear are a few things to consider:

Some people say to us what's the difference between "bb guns" and airsoft guns? well in the UK a bb gun and an airsoft gun is the same thing, (in america a bb gun is what we call in the uk an air gun or an air rifle) generally talking newcomers to the sport of airsoft call airsoft guns "bb guns" and bb guns will be mostly the cheap bb guns we are talking about in this article that are made in two tone blue etc and you don't need a valid defence to buy one, while airsoft guns are normally black in colour and as they are realistic you will need a valid defence to buy one. 

  1. Quality: Make sure the bb gun is well made and has a solid construction; metal bb guns are strong, but some well-made plastic bbguns can sometimes be more reliable.  

  2. Power/FPS (Feet Per Second): look to see if the bb gun has a suitable FPS for what you want to do with it; if you want to go to an airsoft skirmish event, the bb guns on this page will not be powerful enough as a primary weapon, to skirmish you will need an AEG shooting around 300 to 350fps, all of the bb guns on this page are suitable for target practice and at home back yard games.

  3. Power source: BB guns can be powered by spring, battery, or gas. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, do a little research and think about what you want the gun to do and then decide what the best bb gun is for your needs.

  4. Brand: Check the brand of the bb gun to ensure that it is reputable and known for producing good bb guns.

  5. Reviews: Read customer reviews to get an idea of the gun's performance, and you can see if there have been any other issues that other buyers have had.

  6. Price: Compare prices from multiple retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. Here at bbguns4less we price-match any other shop or website, so if, in the unlikely event, you find it cheaper, let us know, and we will beat the price.

BB Gun Ammunition


After you have selected the bb guns you want, you will need to buy the correct ammo for it.

In most cases, you will get some cheap bb pellets with the bb gun, but they can be of low quality, and we do suggest you buy some good quality bb pellets.

Good pellets can improve your bb guns range, accuracy and power, and stop your bb gun from getting jammed.

For more details on the best bb pellets to buy, see our bb pellet buying guide.


Airsoft face masks & Protection

Airsoft face masks & Protection

When playing with BB guns, it is vital to wear some kind of protective gear and if you are under 18 we recommend one of our full face masks.

  • Eye protection: BB gun pellets can travel at high speeds and can cause injury if they hit you in the eye's. Airsoft Goggles at a minimum or an airsoft mask that covers the full face are highly recommended.

  • Head protection: a helmet is not essential, but even a simple baseball cap can reduce the sting from a bb pellet.

  • Body protection: A thick long-sleeved shirt, pants, and gloves are recommended to protect the skin from BBs.

  • Foot protection: Closed-toe shoes, as it can still hurt like hell when you get shot in the foot.

It's also important to remember that different airsoft gun game sites may have their own rules or requirements for protective gear, especially for those under 18s, so check with the game site before going to an organised event.


BB Gun Targets

if you are on a budget and you don't want to spend much, you could check out the free downloadable printout bb gun targets page on the website; this is a great place to visit as here we have over free targets that you can print on demand when printed they work best when stuck to a cardboard box.


How old do I need to be to buy a bb gun

how old do you need to be to buy a bb gun

there is no legal age to buy a two-tone bb gun as it's classed as an unrealistic imitation firearm, but we recommend that all buyers be over 18 years old and that anyone using a bb gun have parental supervision at all times.

Click here for full information on the law in regard to bb guns


We don't just Sell Only BB Guns

Here at BBguns4less we are a UK-based store selling just bb guns. We are long-standing UKARA-registered retailer of airsoft guns and BB guns.

We sell a huge number of airsoft accessories and bb pellets that are available for purchase on our website.

Our best cheap bb gun collection is full of authentic popular two-tone, and realistic look replicas of airsoft guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers etc.

We have acquired an outstanding choice of firearms from leading airsoft manufacturers in many countries.

We offer price match and free UK shipping on orders over £50 we will do our best to guide you on your journey into the airsoft world, with our cheap range of bb guns.