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AY Metal VSS VINTOREZ AEG Sniper Rifle in Wood

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- Around 380 Fps
- 150 Round Magazine
- Aluminium, And Imitation Wood Construction
- Metal V3 Gearbox
- Working Safety
- Fully Adjustable Hop-Up
- Quick Change Spring System



Please note as this gun is full black it is classed as a replica firearm and it is illegal to buy this gun if you dont have a valid defence sutch as a ukara membership number or other form of valid defence if you own a this gun with out a valid defence you can get up to 5 years in prison. orange blue and clear guns are classed as two tone and dont apply to this law. (we check every order for the validity of defence so if you dont have any dont order it)



Both the VSS Vintorez, and the AS-VAL were designed in the late 1980's as a compact yet
effective rifle featuring an integrated silencer; both weapons are now used heavily by the
Russian special forces and policing organisations due to the implications of the internal
silencer. The weapons are chambered in 9x39mm SP-6, a unique cartridge with armour
piercing capabilities, because of this the stopping power of the VAL/VSS is surprisingly
high when compared to other 9mm PDW's/Rifles.
The differences between the VAL and the VSS are quite limited, the only changes are
external. The VSS even has the capability to shoot fully automatic should the situation call
for it. The VAL features a folding stock, and plastic pistol grip to aid in transportation and
use in confined spaces - the VSS has a wooden stock reminiscent of the Dragunov, this
aids in stability when shooting at range and gives the user a solid base to rest the weapon
on when taking long range shots. The VSS is issues with a ten round magazine, and the VAL
is issued with a 20 round magazine - both are however fully interchangeable.
Troops issued with either weapon have reported their reliability and general "good" performance
as an all round weapon - they are apparently very popular within the armed forces of Russia

AY have produced a nice replica of this rather unique weapon, using a standard AK gearbox seems
to have been an intelligent choice as it means the weapon is easy to service and will operate well
in normal skirmish conditions! Some more eagle eyed Airsofters might point out this is NOT an exact
replica of the weapon, the top cover is slightly too bulky and the front sight is not QUITE in the right
place - these small details no doubt come from the fact the weapon was designed around a STANDARD
AK gearbox to be a cheaper, more affordable weapon - In my opinion this is not important, it gives
players who are not willing to fork out a small fortune for the option to use two of the rather more
unique weapons (VAL/VSS) something to turn to, and provides more choice to people looking to branch
out from the world of M4's! YES not all the specifics are DEAD on, but to any ordinary airsofter this
is not a problem!

In terms of the actual construction of the replica this is really not a bad rifle, on both the VSS and the VAL
the body is exactly the same - made from solid metal this is just as nice as any comparable AK body you
would find for this price range, the magazine is fairly sturdy and doesn't seem like it will break on you if
dropped, and the mock suppressor holds sturdy to the receiver with no wobble or give whatsoever.
The polymer handguard is comfortable to hold and the general balance and feel of the weapon is great!

There is one key difference between the VAS/VSS in terms of placement of components - on the VSS
the battery is housed in the rear of the weapon giving you room for most ordinary types of battery,
this is easier to access and makes changing batteries mid-game relatively easy!

The accuracy of this weapon is amazing, without upgrading anything this is capable of making VERY
consistent shots at ranges similar to many higher end AEG's - this is due to the long inner barrel, and
the fact it is held securely in place by a cap at the end of the suppressor, this minimises wobble in the
barrel and holds it dead central at all times. Both the VSS/VAL are capable of taking Russian style optics
on the AK-style side mounting points.


Scale: 1:1 ("Ish" - see above description)
Magazine: 150 Rounds "high-Cap" Style
Measured velocity:  Manufacturer Quoted 380 Fps (Ideal for use as a "DMR")
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable
Fire mode: AEG
Barrel type: Metal Standard Bore
Battery:  Mini-Type (Voltages from 8.4 - 9.6 Recommended)
Weight: 2720g
Length: 952mm

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