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  • Well MB04 BB gun Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod in orange
  • Well MB04 BB gun Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod
  • Well MB04 BB gun Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod
  • Well MB04 BB gun Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod
  • Well MB04 Scope
  • Well MB04 Scope
  • Well MB04 Stock
  • Well MB04 BB gun Stock
  • Well MB04 BB gun Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod in Box
  • Different parts of Well MB04 BB gun Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod
  • Well MB04 BB gun barrel
  • Well MB04 BB gun barrel
  • Well MB04 BB gun Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod
  • Well MB04 BB gun Scope
  • Well MB04 BB gun Sniper Rifle with Scope & Bipod

Well MB04 BB gun Sniper rifle in orange G22 AWM

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- 30 Round Mag
- Crisp Bolt Pull
- 500Fps (0.2's)
- Solid Polymer Body

- Unique Comfort Grip
- Adjustable Hop



The WELL MB04 is a replica of the Accuracy International G22 Magnum, A British precision sniper that has
seen time in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, this variant of the rifle comes with the "cut" stock, but
has an adjustable rear section clamped onto the bottom of the pistol grip.
This makes the rifle incredibly comfortable to shoot, and also gives you a little extra stability when shooting
lying down - as the unique stock fits very nicely into the shooters shoulder - it also includes a cheek rest to
increase comfort levels when aiming down the sights for a long period of time.

(for all of you who identify your weapons based on Call Of Duty, this is an L96, with a different stock)

The MB04 is a single fire bolt action sniper capable of hitting targets at ranges of around 200-250 Ft, making
it ideal for use in a skirmish as a long range sniper - something that you would take cover with on a raised
vantage  point behind where the actual firefight would take place, this rifle has the power needed to ensure
the BB's would still be travelling fast enough to confirm a hit at the longer ranges as appose to just floating
and getting caught by the wind.

The body, and general build of this rifle is amazing - the actual main body of the weapon feels as solid as a brick,
and the stock actually fits onto the pistol grip very nicely and does not feel like it is going to come loose any time
soon, The entire upper assembly is metal - along with the trigger assembly meaning you can be sure of a nice crisp
trigger pull and quick response every shot. The bolt comes pre-lubricated meaning it will not "stick" or have any
unwanted resistance when shooting out of the box, as is this such a long rifle it has an incredibly long inner barrel -
as this is tight bore, with a hardened hop up rubber the weapon can make some incredibly accurate shots when used
with a heavier "sniper grade" ammo.

Shooting out of the box at 500Fps on 0.2's this rifle is already at the limit for most skirmish sites, meaning there is
no need to upgrade the spring or barrel, however we would recommend using at least 0.30g BB's with this weapon to
ensure you get the best performance possible out of it, as lighter pellets will not take to the hardened hop up so well,
and will end up rising up far too much to be able to take a decent shot at range.

If you want the scope, bipod or both for this bb gun. You have to select it in the options above when ordering, as they are optional extras and don't come as standard in the package with the bb gun.


The Weapon
Battery Pack ("Magazine")
Sample BB's (around 100)


Scale: 1:1 (LARGE)
Magazine: 30 Round Magazine
Measured velocity:  500 Fps (0.2's)
Hop-Up: Fully Adjustable *Hardened Rubber*
Fire mode: Single Bolt Action
Body material: Polymer (HIGH GRADE)
Barrel type: Metal 600mm TBB




Sku :


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Need Buying Advice?

Here is a collection of articles to help give you an informed decision to help you buy the best bb gun sniper rifle that suits your needs. this advice is not specific for this gun but sniper rifles in genral.

Product Reviews

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  1. BUY... THIS... RIFLE 5 Star Review

    Posted by Caleb R U on 22nd Jul 2016

    Need I say more?

  2. Good Starter Gun - Complete Honest Review 4 Star Review

    Posted by Tom O'Brien on 14th May 2016

    Firstly, rather slow shipping as I paid for next day and it came in 5 days however I was way too excited to receive the rifle and this didn't really bother me. This rifle arrived in an marked standard cardboard box. In the package also contained my bag of 0.25 fireball BB's which had opened upon shipping and all fallen out. I wasn't best pleased with this but as simple shipping error was to blame I let it go. Inside the box, the gun was held in place with Styrofoam cut outs. For such an expensive gun this was a little disappointing. In the package also included my scope, tripod, scope mounts, tripod mount with 2 extra rails, a sling (poor quality)and a sample bag of 0.2 BB's.

    Out of the box the gun is fairly heavy, weighing in at around 4.5kg. Once I had put a bi-pod, scope and the magazine in, the MB04 weighed in at 6kg! This is on the heavy side for an airsoft gun however it is a rewarding weight. The gun is extremely sturdy, very little felx in the ABS plastic body, however due to having a plastic stock little creaking occurs and it can scratch mush easier than its metal counterpart. Seem is visible on the underside of the gun however it is smooth and well manufactured for price.

    The external finish is very good, the moving parts come in a black which suits the black body very well! The back of the gun has a black rubberised stock which fits comfy into the shoulder with extended tail to help with steadying gun. Grip is extremely comfortable with its pistol design and risible cheek rest with locking screw works a treat and is easily adjustable.

    Out of the box it fires very well and fires at 450fps using 0.25 BB's id highly recommend .3's for this good to achieve its full potential. incredible quite so great for silent sniper missions! The magazine is full metal and is capable of holding up to 24 BB's. The hop seems to work reasonably well which is contrary to my belief due to cheap hop ups using performing poorly. The hop could be better however it will do the job but upgrading it would be recommended due to high accuracy and distance needed with a sniper.

    I haven't measured the internal barrel diameter however the manufacture has stated it should be 6.00mm brass barrel. Barrel spacers are of very poor construction and replacing these is a huge recommendation. I will update this review as and when I gain more experience with the gun. It is not fair for me to make any comments on reliability or performance without field testing it fully.

    A quick test in the garden shows that at 30m the gun will hit our target (custom built 2p and coke can target) 26/30 times. The spread of BB's is rather tight for such a cheap gun with a little draw to either left or right on occasion.

    At the moment I think the range is about 50m. I have a 40m garden and the BB doesn't drop over than 40m. However this will change when the hop has been set better. At the moment the hop is set to default which is "not-quite-off".

    My initial conclusion is that this gun is awesome! Well worth the money. The quality is good for the money. The gun is sturdy and heavy, probably not the heaviest out their but definitely a good weight could possible be difficult for younger airsofters to carry with around all day though. The weight has been distributed surprisingly well as it is not front heavy.

    The quality of the materials is good but not great. Personally I would have been happy to pay £20-£70 more so that some of the parts were made of metal! such as trigger box and the piston and spring. The gun is about 80% plastic with the only metal parts being the barrel and bolt assembly. The stock & cheek rest work perfectly however I would have liked a sturdier stock! The ABS plastic stock has good fit and looks very nice however could be better. The additional scope and bi-pod that come with the gun as an added accessory i would highly recommend you do not get as they are cheap and will more than likely brake due to cheap manufacturing. I decent scope and bi-pod will compliment this gun perfectly!

    The gun fires well and prior to any modification it seem to fire and work without a problem. The gun is shipped "lubed" so it is ready to fire out of the box however if any modification is to be done re-lubricating it would be recommended!

    Overall a good gun however I wouldn't suggest that this is a gun for anyone who is very serious about airsoft. If you are dead set on airsoft I would recommend something along the lines of a Tokyo Marui which has much larger part availability and better build quality.

    Pros -
    - Weight, Heavy but not too heavy
    - Sturdy, Good looking design
    - Great accuracy for price
    - Easy bolt pull action
    - Great power
    - Ready to fire out of the box

    Cons -
    - Some parts are of poor quality
    - Occasional poorly finished part
    - Requires modification before extensive use
    - Additional features are poor quality
    - ABS plastic stock

    Ratings -
    Performance rating: 7/10
    Precision rating: 8/10
    Accessories rating: 5/10
    Quality rating: 6/10
    Overall rating: 7/10

  3. POWERFUL & ACCURATE 5 Star Review

    Posted by Dan on 12th Mar 2016

    If you're looking for a solid, powerful and accurate sniper that shoots well then look no further. The gun feels super sturdy. Getting his by this monster makes airsoft, not so soft! It can shoot straight through aluminium cans from a distance, making this a really fun gun for target shooting and skirmishes!

  4. Mb-04 5 Star Review

    Posted by Toby on 18th Oct 2015

    This is a great gun in a skirmishing battle even when the L96 pones everyone you can still kill that sniper from miles away.

  5. good 3 Star Review

    Posted by mr bbgun on 18th Oct 2015

    its quite good but not worth the money also there are better snipers for a lot cheaper on this site.

  6. L96 3 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2015

    the entire barrel, bolt and cylinder is identical to the l96 along with the magazine. the only difference is the stock and the fact that you get a bi-pod and scope. so you get the same power, same quality. just a few extra bits.

  7. amazing gun 5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2015

    well worth the money it is a professional yet affordable gun with great sights power and accuracy without a doubt one of the best weapons in my arsenal

  8. beautiful 4 Star Review

    Posted by Lewis on 18th Oct 2015

    When I ordered this gun the product description listed it as including a scope, a bipod, and a rifle sling. On delivery only a day later, I found that it was only the sling included. I managed to get in contact with the store via telephone and queried as to why this was, and was told that they now remove the scope and bipod to make this gun more affordable.
    We eventually came to conclusion on the phone, and I was given some extra 0.25g bbs to compensate the trouble, yet still had to pay £40 for the scope and bipod. They were also meant to update this product page, and although it now says scope is not included they did not change the bipod so be careful.

    When the scope got here I really had a chance to play with this gun. Incredible! First thing you notice on picking it up is the weight, which also makes it feel very sturdy and lifelike. That is, apart from its outstanding looks.
    The gun did not come with a velocity reducer installed to my surprise, and even if it did disassembly was fairly quick and easy.
    It feels very sturdy, with most of the components being made of metal. The easiest way to sum it up is "if its not the stock, its metal". The stock is made from an ABS plastic and although seams are visible the build quality is good and there is no sharp edges.
    Firing this gun is amazing. The bolt feels sturdy but not stiff, and requires a decent but comfortable amount of force to pull back. The cocking lever is very comfortable too.
    When I saw a picture of the trigger my first thoughts were it looks a little bit awkward and odd to use, but its actually very comfy and quite a nice trigger. The gun fires very nicely with hardly any jolt. I do not have a chrono so I dont know how fast, but enough to shoot through a full coke can using the 0.25g bbs.
    All in all, this gun is very nice and I would recommend to anybody. The staff were helpful, even if the site was misleading, and got my problems sorted however this would be 5* if they just didnt take the scope and bipod out in the first place.

  9. Awesome 5 Star Review

    Posted by Chris on 18th Oct 2015

    Received this in mystery box and it is awesome very powerful makes everyone yelp when they get hit highly recommend !!!!

  10. consistent 5 Star Review

    Posted by ....... on 25th Aug 2015

    fantastic accuracy on this rifle and it has the ability to hit targets from 60m away no problem, the colour displayed on the picture is not how it comes though. the entire stock and butt of the gun is bright orange abs with the barrel being the only black part.
    the bipod is mounted on a small rail which is attached to the gun by a pin with a groove in it and a locking mechanism inside the stock, my pin wasnt long enough to reach this lock for some reason so therefor i cant use my bipod which is slightly disappointing. i am not sure if this is common or not,
    overall this gun is a great buy!

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