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  • VORSK VMP-1 SMG Gas BlowBack Sub Machine Gun in Black (VGS-01-01)
  • VORSK VMP-1 SMG Gas BlowBack Sub Machine Gun in Black (VGS-01-01)

VORSK VMP-1 SMG Gas BlowBack Sub Machine Gun in Black

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Vorsk VMP-1X Gas Blow Back Sub Machine Gun in Blue

The VORSK VMP-1 is a full-polymer gas-blow-back, airsoft submachine gun that is both light and strong. It can be used in both attack and team-based games.

VORSK's goal is to make Gas-Blow-Back the best in the Airsoft Field. With the VMP-1, they are expanding their line of Gas-Blow-Back sidearms and making their first Sub-Machine-Gun. The VMP, which was announced at IWA 2023 and hit shops in the summer, has gotten a lot of attention for its small, light design, easy-to-use features, and, of course, great GBB performance.

Comfortable, small, and light

The VMP-1 is made of a sturdy but light polymer that makes it a great primary for CQB situations. When you put your hands on the front of the replica and bury the buttstock into your shoulder, you'll have a wide but controlled "sweep" angle that's great for getting around objects and clearing rooms. The 15° tilt mechanism built into the buttstock makes those corner turns even better. This spring-centered tilt lets you turn your body around a corner while keeping the VMP-1 straight. This makes it less likely that the hop-curve will cause BBs to sweep to the side because it isn't parallel to the ground. Along the right side of the VMP-1, the stock can be folded. To do this, just lift the lock mechanism and rotate the stock into place. "Akimbo, anyone?" Moulded stippling on the gun grip makes it easy to hold on to. The 20mm flattop extension rail has green fibre sights that are neatly tucked inside. When used with the buttstock, it's hard to get your eyeline behind the sights, but the bright fibre sights make parallax aiming quick and easy, so you can quickly acquire your target. The folding stock is built into a receiver slot for an M4 stock, so you can change the stock on your VMP-1 to any other M4 stock you want.

The Perfect Back-Up

It was made for the CQB Arena, but it can also compete on the Airsoft Field. If you fold the VMP-1 up, it's only 345 mm long. The VMP-1 is a good choice for an explosive backup for any Sniper/DMR setup because the rear stock can be switched out for an M4 QD Sling Point and aftermarket holsters are on the way. But it doesn't have to be a backup when you're out in the middle of nowhere on the nearest skirmish field—the VMP-1 can hit targets correctly at +30m and has an incredibly high ROF (Rate of Fire). It'll definitely save the day when you need it to.


48R Gas-Blow-Back Full-Auto Fun


This is a select-fire Airsoft Sub-Machine Gun called the VMP-1. With your finger or thumb, the bolt release, magazine release, and fire selection are all just a short distance from the "on-trigger" position. There is a trigger safety that makes you pull the full trigger on purpose before letting the VMP fire. This keeps the fire safe. The VMP-1 runs on petrol, and VORSK suggests their own GBB Fuel in V6 and V8 versions. However, any premium airsoft petrol will work. Every time you fill up on petrol, you should get at least two magazines' worth of shots. You can buy extra magazines separately, and don't forget to get color-matched magazine covers to finish off the look. To change the hop-unit, the VMP-1 comes with a Hop-Tool Key that can be used to change the hop-wheel just inside the dust cover.


Does what they say and walks the walk


When you play airsoft, you have to really focus on your target for the day. It helps if your tool, or gun, works the way you expect it to. People who own VMP-1s will enjoy all the gunplay and changes that come with GBB copies. Anyone who gets their hands on the VMP-1 will smile when they hear the "slide-click" of the magazine load, the "slide-click-slam" of the bolt, and the sound of 48 rounds being fired downrange on full auto. The VMP-1 is made of a strong polymer and has metal parts where they are needed, like the strengthened charging handle, 6.03mm Tightbore inner barrel, Flash Hider, Stock Hinge, and Dual-Location side rails.


Made to hold accessories


A VMP-1 that is "undressed" will not be seen in the Airsoft Arena, where they belong. The VMP-1 is begging for more aftermarket accessories. It has a full-length 20mm Flat-Top accessory Rail, an Under-Barrel Rail, Dual-Location 7-Slot Side Rails, an M4-compatible Stock Tube, and of course the extra "Can" suppressor. A foregrip, lasers or flashlights, an optic riser, and an RDS or Holo Sight are all suggested as aftermarket additions. Barrel Attachments are limited when the provided Flash Hider is in place because it was made to fit the "oversized" suppressor that comes with the "X" version and is also sold separately. It's easy to add your own Flash Hiders, Suppressors, or Tracer Units. Just unscrew the Flash Hider and connect any 14mm CCW airsoft barrel attachment in its place.


Rated X


The VMP-1X model is a VMP-1 that comes with an extra 48R clip and the "big-boy" suppressor that comes with the VMP-1. VORSK made the silencer look really badass to really make this fierce SMG stand out. The 360° Flash Hider fitment makes it easy to install. Just line up the grooves, press down hard and spin the suppressor about 30° to lock it in place. It is possible to suspend an Airsoft Tracer Unit inside the suppressor to help you "light-up" the fight zone, but this is not built into the suppressor itself. More versions are on the way, so keep an eye on VORSK's social media to find out what's going on with the VMPs.


Colour Black
EAN 5056444719645
NSRP £199.99
Length (mm) 557
Weight (g) 1829
Fire Modes Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
Barrel Length (mm) 134
Barrel Bore (mm) 6.03
Rails 20mm Flat Top - 20mm Underbarrel - Dual Slot 20mm Side Rails
Approx. FPS 300 - 328
Main Materials Polymer / Metal


(x1) STD Gas VMP Magazine Black - VGS-30-01
(x1) Colour Matched Magazine Sleeve
(x1) Spare O-Rings
(x1) Manual
(x1) Exploded Parts Diagram
(x1) VORSK PVC Patch

Compatible Magazines

VGM-30-01 - VMP Series 48R STD GAS Magazine
VGM-30-02 - VMP Series 48R STD CO2 Magazine

Other Info/Specs

Lightweight Polymer Receiver
Integrated Top Rail Fibre Sights
Dual Location 7-Slot Side Rails
Spring Centred Buttstock Tilt Mechanism
Folding Stock
Bespoke Compensator for VORSK VMP Suppressor
Colour Matched Magazine Sleeves
Reinforced Charging Handle
Hop Unit Accessible from Bolt Cover
System 7 Hop-Unit, Bucking & Inner Barrel

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