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  • Snow Wolf AUG Para Bullpup Replica in Blue with Scope (TA)
  • Snow Wolf AUG Para Bullpup Replica in Blue with Scope (TA)
  • Snow Wolf AUG Para Bullpup Replica in Blue with Scope (TA)
  • Snow Wolf AUG Para Bullpup Replica in Blue with Scope (TA)

Snow Wolf AUG Para Bullpup Replica in Blue with Scope (TA)

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Snow Wolf AUG Para Bullpup Replica in Green with Scope (TA)

Key Features

- 3x Optical sight
- Version 3 gearbox Quick change spring
- Ambidextrous Design
- 20mm RIS front rail
- Foregrip included


AUGs have a unique, futuristic look, and they have modern ergonomic features like buttons that can be used by either hand and a quick, easy way to take them apart.
The Snow Wolf AUG Para Bullpup AEG with Scope has a lot of unique features that make it an even more interesting version of the AUG.

As a "Para" style gun, it has a short front end but still has a 12.5-inch barrel inside. It is only 62cm long all together. This is the main benefit of a backwards rifle: you get a CQB-length rifle with a full-length barrel, so you can use the same gun for both jobs.

The outer barrel of the AUG has 14mm CCW male threading, which means that you can add a tracer or silencer or another tactical muzzle device if you want to.

After the flash hider is the front 20mm RIS rail, which is different from most AUGs. Unlike most AUGs, which have folding foregrips built in, this one lets you attach any foregrip you want or even tactical devices like lasers and torches, based on how you like to play. But if you just want to shoot right away without messing with anything, this package comes with a removable foregrip that can be changed along the rail to fit your size. Using the foregrip will help you aim more accurately and hit targets farther away, because bullpups are sneaky. They may look small, but they hide a longer barrel for shooting at longer distances.

The Snow Wolf has a hot swap barrel system, just like the real AUG. This lets you quickly take off the outer barrel for repair or to change the length of the barrel. To remove the outer barrel, you need to lock the charging handle back and up into its "safety notch" and push and hold the catch on the left side of the receiver, between the folding front grip and the trigger guard. Holding down the barrel removal catch, you can turn the barrel a few degrees clockwise with the barrel pointing away and pull out the whole outer barrel.

The part of the outer barrel that sticks out is made of metal, while the part inside the receiver is made of polymer and is a sleek black colour.

We reach the sight by going backwards and up. The Para AUG has a built-in optical sight with 3x magnification, just like the real military AUG gun.

This sight is very good for a built-in optic, and the eye relief is good enough that it can be used with sticker masks and other eye protection. The crosshair is a ringed cross, so you can use the cross itself to aim precisely and the ring to shoot quickly.

The knobs on the right side and bottom of the optic tube can be used to change both the windage and elevation of the integrated optic. On the top of the scope, there are what are called BUIS, or built-in backup iron sights. These are made to be used at close range, but you can also use them at long range to see where your BBs are going and change your aim.

The AUG's charging handle is placed on the left side of the upper. It is made of high-density polymer and links to an aluminium rod inside the receiver. This rod moves the mock bolt, which pulls back to show the rotary HOP-up adjuster inside the ejection port.

Pull the charging handle all the way back and turn it up into its "safety notch" to lock it. This will hold the mock bolt back while you set your HOP-up.

By giving each BB backspin, the customizable HOP-up lets you tune the AUG for different weights of ammo and gives you a longer range. The AUG is better than something like an M4 because the HOP can be accessed from either side of the gun when the handle is pulled and the rubber caps are taken off. This makes the gun easier to use with either hand.

The safety latch on the AUG is easy to reach from either side of the gun with the thumb or fingers. This is another way that the AUG is ambidextrous. AUG users like that the safety is a push-through button instead of a normal flat fire select, which gives them a little more control over their rifles. The button is right above the pistol grip. When the button sticks out to the right, the gun is in safe mode. Pushing the safety to the left will unlock the trigger.

The AUG has a two-stage trigger system, which means that a short pull of the trigger will fire semi-automatically, while a full pull to the back will fire fully automatically. This means that if you need to switch modes quickly to deal with a moving target, you can do it faster with the AUG than with almost any other AEG.

As part of its space-age design, the grip and stock of the AUG are built into a single piece that is called the "chassis" of the gun. The barrel and stock are very strong and sturdy because they are made of a single piece of high-density reinforced polymer with a high-quality smooth texture. This update to the AUG adds raised, textured plates on both sides of the grip and on the butt stock itself to make it easier to use in wet weather.

The trigger guard on the AUG is bigger, making it more like the length of your hand than the average gun. It gives the AUG its familiar shape and makes the trigger easy to reach. If you wear thick gloves when skirmishing, you can still use the AUG. This trigger guard can also be used as an angled foregrip for CQB conditions where the shooter is in a tight stance.

The AUG's magazine release is on the bottom of the stock, right behind the magazine well. It is in the middle, so it can be used by either hand.

This magazine release was one of the first modern bullpup guns to come out, and the AUG got it right the first time! Unlike the Tavor, you can't accidentally dump your magazine by hitting the mag release button, and unlike the L85, you don't have to be right-handed to use it well.

The Snow Wolf AUG has a Version 3 gearbox, which is stronger and more capable than Version 2 gears and can handle more stress-intensive parts like stronger springs. This means that if you ever want to upgrade the AUG in the future, you can.

The gearbox also has 7mm bearing bushings, steel gears that have been strengthened, a reinforced piston with a directional piston head, and a spring guide with bearings. This makes sure that the gearbox runs smoothly and lasts longer than older models.

The long inner barrel of this compact AEG also helps it work well, and the rotary-style AUG HOP-up unit is known to be one of the best out there. It was the model for the rotary unit found in more recent M4/AR15 AEG releases.

So, if you want something a little bit different, The internals of the AUG are also very good, and the sight and scope are built right into the gun.


Rifle Highlights

Tough but lightweight polymer construction
Alloy scope, barrel and rail
Bullpup design - Short length, long barrel
Ambidextrous magazine release
Enlarged trigger guard
Ambidextrous safety - Push through design
Two-stage trigger - Short pull for semi, long pull for full auto
20mm RIS front rail - Attach the device of your choice
Foregrip included - Additional sturdy
QD Sling socket at the rear left of the stock
Front sling point at the front of the receiver
Quick removable barrel - Lock the charging handle, hold the catch and the barrel comes out!
Quick removable upper receiver - One pin to remove
Swappable ejection port cover - Access your HOP-up adjuster from either side!
Version 3 gearbox with MOSFET pre-installed - Fast trigger response, circuitry protection
Rotary adjustable HOP-up - Accessible when the charging handle is pulled and locked back
Large rubber butt plate - Very grippy, great for use with body armour/plate carrier
Integrated 3x Optical sight - Ringed crosshair reticle, fully adjustable with BUIS on top
Compatible with AUG AEG aftermarket parts, magazines and spares

we sell spare magazines for this rifle here


Weight:2970 grams
Colour: Blue
Length: 620mm
Barrel Length:320mm
Hop-up: Yes
Shooting Mode:  Safe / Semi / Full-Auto
Gearbox Type: v3 (Quick Change spring)
Barrel Thread Type: 14mm CCW
Magazine Capacity: 350 rounds
Bullet Type: 6mm BB
Power: (Muzzle Velocity) 320
Main Materials Polymer / Metal
Manufacturer: Snow Wolf
Rails 20mm Flat Top
EAN 5056444713773

In The Box
Snow Wolf AUG Para with Scope
350 rounds High capacity magazine

Sku :


Other Details


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