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  • Cyma CM522U AK47 With Folding Stock in Blue
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Cyma CM522U AK47 With Folding Stock in Blue

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Cyma CM522U AK47 With Folding Stock in Blue

Key Features

- 350 fps
- Folding stock
- Metal gearbox
- Tactical RIS version

A great skirmish ready ak47 with some cool features.


The CM522U one of a new series of Starter Skirmisher rifles one of the most popular Chinese manufacturers in the airsoft world called CYMA.

The rifle has some of the stuff as some other guns costing much more offer like a metal gearbox and other mechanical parts etc., but at a low price to suit airsoft beginners.

An electric airsoft rifle modelled after the ubiquitous AK-47, with improved ergonomics and a more combat-ready design. The CM.028U is ideal for those who want a rail-equipped firearm that isn't an M4, thanks to its 20mm Picatinny-equipped handguards, side-folding stock, and vertically-folding foregrip.

This airsoft rifle is a Fully modernised version of the classic AK-47, the Cyma CM0522U has a full tactical kit pre-installed to make this an extremely useful version of what was a basic assault rifle.

The gun includes a Front RIS rail, side folding stock and an ergonomic FN style pistol grip for added comfort during use, and it also features a folding foregrip.

It is a very individual, very well built rifle that would look both at home among a collection of M4's or Ak's. Seems to nicely bridge the gap between old and new without compromising on functionality or looks.

At the end of the barrel, there is a thread protector that looks like an AK47 muzzle device. This can be unscrewed to reveal a 14mm CCW male thread. Even though it will make AK purists scream, this thread lets you add any muzzle device you want, such as tracer units, fake suppressors, and different types of flash hiders. The thread is made from an alloy and is built into the front sight block to make it stronger. The front sight blade is a separate piece that can be changed. It has a simple, flat blade that fits perfectly into the notch on the back sight.

The CYMA CM.522u's outer barrel is made of alloy, which gives it stability and strength where it's needed. This also gives the AEG a more balanced feel by making it feel and handle more like a real gun. Still, the CM.522u's doesn't weigh as much as a real AK (thank goodness! ), but it comes in at a respectable 3 kg, which is about the same as an M4 or AR36 AEG rifle.

As we move back, we come to the CM.522u's dummy gas block and gas tube, which are made to look like the Type 3, the first version of the AK-47 made for mass production. The gas tube has fake vents and a sling loop made of alloy that is attached to the barrel on the left side. This loop is made for "hook" style slings. Under the barrel, there's a fake cleaning rod that looks real and connects to the front sight block and gas block, giving it that classic AK47 look. The cleaning rod is too wide to be used on an Airsoft AEG, but don't worry—the CM.522u's  comes with a polymer cleaning and unjamming rod.

The CM.552Us polymer handguards are located behind the gas block. They have vent holes and 20mm Picatinny accessory rails that are built in. With these rails, you can attach any 20mm Picatinny/RIS accessory in any way that works best for you. The top and bottom rails run the whole length of the handguard, and the side rails have just enough room to mount a tactical flashlight or PEQ laser unit. Real-world versions of this AK configuration often have a reflex or red dot sight mounted on the top rail of the handguard, just like the famous Barrett 50 cal scene in The Hurt Locker (2008). The rails also have a place to mount the folding vertical foregrip that comes with the gun. When the foregrip is out, it makes the gun easier to aim in close quarters battles (CQB), while when it is folded, it acts like a standard handguard but has a bit more gripping surface. If you don't like how the folding grip looks, it's easy to switch it out for any 20mm Picatinny-compatible grip of your choice.

The next part is the trunnion block and receiver. Inside the receiver is the metal version 3 gearbox, which gives the CM.522U its ability to shoot. The rear sight is on top of the trunnion block, and it can be changed for different distances without tools by using the slider on the sight itself. This is a U-notch open sight, which is a type of sight that has its detractors. This sight is good for Airsoft skirmishing because it doesn't limit your field of view like an aperture sight does. This makes it easier to track targets that move quickly and are close to you.
The CM.522U's receiver is made of polymer, and it has a grey finish that matches the tone of the parkerized finish that was used on early AK47 rifles. On the left side of the receiver, there are fake pins and rivets, as well as a weight-reduction groove. This is one of the signs that this is an early-style AK variant that faithfully copies the Type 3 receiver.

The second sling point is at the back of the left side of the receiver. It is made of alloy and is attached to the inside of the polymer receiver. With a 2-point sling, this sling point gives you some wiggle room, so you can carry the rifle comfortably without the sling getting caught.

The mock bolt carrier is on the right side of the receiver. It can be pulled back and released with a satisfying "clack." Even though you don't have to do this to use the CM.028U, it adds a nice touch of realism. The finish on the bolt carrier is silver, which is right for this type of AK rifle and true to the real AK47 Type 3. With the charging handle pulled back, we can find the slider adjuster for the CM.028Us adjustable HOP up unit. This device lets you give your BBs backspin, which stabilises them, increases their range, and makes them less affected by wind. The HOP unit can be adjusted and set for a wide range of BB weights, depending on your needs and whether you play outdoors or in tight CQB sites. As we move back toward the controls, we can see that the fire selector lever is one of the most "AK47-like" parts of this copy. The fire selector is in the traditional AK style and also serves as a dust cover. The first position is "Safe," the middle position is "Full Auto," and the lowest position is "Semi-Auto." The fire selector is made of steel to make this often-used part of the AEG stronger. The markings for the fire selector are moulded into the receiver. Authentic Russian Cyrillic letters show which mode is being used.

The magazine well, magazine catch, trigger guard, and pistol grip are all at the bottom of the receiver. The pistol grip is an ergonomic finger-ridged type that gives the palm of the hand a lot of support. It is also textured to make it easier to hold the CM.522U in bad weather. The trigger guard is bigger so that it can be used with thick gloves. It is also made of steel, which gives this thin piece enough strength. The magazine release is in front of the trigger guard. It is a paddle-style release that can be reached from either side. This makes it useful for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. The AK47 has a "rock and lock" style of magazine insertion. The front of the magazine must be inserted first, and then you can lock the magazine in place by rocking the magazine to the back.

The CM.522U has a steel top receiver cover on the top of the receiver. This is a great feature for an AK at this price point. Under the receiver cover of the CM.028U is where the battery is kept. To get to the battery compartment, press the button on the back of the top cover and then take the cover off. There is enough room inside for a stick battery that is up to 21 cm long. For the best performance and longest life, we recommend either a 7.4V LiPo or an 8.4/9.6V NiMh battery. The gun comes with a Mini-Tamiya battery connector, which means that the most common type of Airsoft and RC batteries can be used without any changes. Once the battery is connected, you can put the top cover back on and line it up with the button. You can then push the button back into place by pulling the charging handle to the back.

Last is the side-folding stock, which can be folded like a FAL or Galil rifle by pushing the stock down against its spring and opening the locking latch, which lets the stock fold to the left side of the AEG. This is great for CQB skirmishes, but it's even better for storing and transporting the CM.522U because it lets it fit into gun bags and hard cases that are much smaller than the rifle itself.

Inside, the CM.522U has everything you need to compete on the Airsoft battlefield. The HOP on the AEG is one of the best out there, with great consistency and the ability to be set quickly in-game if needed. The metal version 3 gearbox has steel gears and an M100 spring that is already installed. Right out of the box, it gives around 340 FPS +/-10%. You can't go wrong with a Cyma CM.028U if you want something with a bit of a Russian look but still want to mount all those fancy western accessories.


Great for the rookie to airsoft or as a primary for the experienced player.

Check our full range of AK47 BB Guns & Other AK Variants.


Other Features

- metal gearbox shell
- cylinder type 1
- reinforced steel slide bearings 8 mm
- UK Spec
- 350 fps
- Folding stock
- steel gears set
- Reinforced spring guide with bearing
- Hi-torque motor
- Tactical RIS version
- Adjustable stock
- TM magazine compatible


Fire Modes: Safe + Semi Auto + Full Auto
Velocity: 350 FPS
ROF: Approx 800 RPM
Hop-Up: Adjustable
Length: 845mm OR 930mm Extended
Weight: 2330g
Main Construction: Polymers
RIS System: Front 20mm Rails
Sights: Adjustable Rear
Gearbox: V3
Blowback: No
Power Source: 8.4v Stick Battery
Power source Location: Top Cover
Inner Barrel: 390mm
Magazine: 500rds
Stock Type: M4 Style Adjustable
Accessories Included: Magazine & Battery

Set includes:

- 500rd Hi-Cap magazine
- 8,4V 1100mAh battery with UK charger


Sku :


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Автомат Cyma АКС 47 Tactical CM522U
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Product Reviews

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  1. WOW WOW WOW 5 Star Review

    Posted by Michael Brookes on 20th Nov 2021

    Listen to this I put a box in a box in a box in another box and then I put a can of juice in that box when I unloaded on full automatic it tore through 5 boxes the metal can and went through other side and dented my wall OH MY GOD you have to fire this gun the quality that comes the higher u spend is immense this company are amazing they even kept the gun back 1week for me when I didn’t have the money they only had 9 all others sold instantly but still kept me mine bbguns4less best business ever for bb’s and bb equipment I 100% will be back

  2. Great Quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by Dale on 17th Jan 2021

    My first BB rifle , feels so realistic. Metal and hard plastic . Battery at first was hard to fit , but got there eventually. Good value for under £100 ... sounds and fires great . Very pleased

  3. amazing! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Morgan/Hooper on 18th Dec 2020

    Just got this weapon and its amazing it's insanely responsive with the trigger and it feels amazing to hold. Defiantly would recommend if your going to a skirmish.

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