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BBguns stock levels

Hi we get a lot of questions regarding stock levels so i just say something to help you understand how it the supply of bbguns works and our aims.

We aim to have all bb guns in stock in stock all of the time (if we see any gun on the market that we don’t have we buy it )

We buy the full range of every different gun from all of the different suppliers we are aware of in the uk.

If you see a gun that is out of stock on our site for more then a week its probably because the suppler has sold out and it will take some time to come back in stock (see below)

we have the biggest range of bbguns in the uk and a big list of bbgun suppliers so when we run out of something we do try all of the contacts we have to get more in. (its not because we don’t want to buy it)

The cyma – both elephant – double eagle – galaxy bb guns etc are all made in china.

Importers /suppliers in the uk import a 40ft container at a time and sell the guns to websites like

When the container has sold out they order another container of bb guns. sometimes they will have ordered before they run out of bb guns.

But when the uk importer orders the bb guns from the manufacture in china they have to start making the bb guns and that takes some time.

When they are made then they have to be shipped shipping from china to the uk takes around 4 weeks (importers do not normally tell us what guns they are importing until the stock is here – we do ask and they always say we don’t know !!!).

The problem is the biggest market for bb guns is the USA and they buy the black guns only so to get them in two tone they have to be specially made and the min order is a lot and this all so takes time.

The other big problem is that in china the government has banned the making of airsoft / bbguns they are still being made but they have to be smuggled out of the country by paying bribes ect so this makes it event more difficult to get new stock.

Some of the importers to the uk have given up totally in trying to import them as they say it is to much trouble and not worth their time.

Some importers are still importing but the prices are rising due to the difficulty in getting them (so you may see price of bb guns starting to rise).

The transparent clear guns and Hfc , src , g and g , kwa ect are made in Taiwan their is no problem getting guns from there at the moment but they do cost more then the ones made in china

Due to the critical levels of stock at the moment we have started to import the guns from china our self

But it will take some time for them to come in (our aim is for xmas 2012)

we will keep you updated on our facebook page

All the best