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Are BB guns dangerous?

Introduction to BB Guns.


The bb guns and airsoft guns that we sell should not be confused with the type of BB Gun that is sold in the USA, which in the UK we call an air gun/rifle. 

 BB guns and airsoft guns are designed for target shooting and organised skirmish events (similar to paintballing) and should be totally harmless, providing safety information and instructions are followed.  

 Below we have a look into the ways that a bb gun could become dangerous and get you into trouble, and what to do to use them safely. 


Dangers of bb guns when shooting them 


Do BB guns cause injury? The bb guns we sell are all airsoft guns that shoot a plastic pellet and, if used correctly, should be harmless. You should always wear safety glasses and a mask covering your mouth if your playing with or around airsoft bb guns. Protective clothing is also recommended if you are having a battle at close quarters and using high powered bb guns. Even if your playing target practice on your own, there is a chance of a ricochet, so eye protection is a must. BB guns should also not be fired at animals. Also see our article do bb guns hurt?



The danger of a BB gun or airsoft gun being mistaken for a real gun.

always keep your bb gun in a bag

No type of gun should be carried openly in a public place, even a water pistol. One of the biggest dangers is someone seeing you with a bb gun, even if it is bright orange, and them calling the police. Every time this happens, the police take this very seriously and most likely will have an armed response sent out to you. They will confiscate your airsoft gun and can prosecute you. So if you are moving a pistol or rifle anywhere, even inside a car, always keep it in a gun bag or pistol slip at all times. Never play with your guns in a public place like a bus stop, playground or park. BB guns are very realistic, and they can often be mistaken for real guns, so be careful. Click here to see our airsoft gun bags.



Dangers regarding gas guns 

The green gas used in gbb pistols and rifles is the same as used in lighters and is very flammable, so never use it around a naked flame. Also, when filling a bb gun, escaping gas can be very cold, so be careful when filling your gun. 



Airsoft battery charging safety.



Most of the batteries we sell are Ni-Mh and are a lot less volatile than lipo batteries. If you are using a Li-Po battery, you need to take special care.

 When using your LiPo battery, Never leave Li-Po charging unattended and Always monitor your Li-Po so that you can react instantly to any potential problems. 

 If your batteries start to balloon or swell up, stop charging at once. Before you use any Li-Po batteries, inspect them to make sure there is no visible damage or inflammation, as those are signs of an impending failure. 

 Only use recommended Li-Po chargers. Stop charging immediately when the battery gets hot.

 We recommend that all LiPo batteries be charged in a fire-resistant location and inside a Fire Proof Charging Bag.

 Make sure that you disconnect the battery before switching battery charging modes.

 It's very important to always use a lipo charger with a lipo battery and always read the instructions of your battery and charger; if you did not get any, contact the supplier before using them. click here for our full guide on battery safety advice.


Dangers airsoft bb gun maintenance. 


One of the biggest dangers is accidental misfires (gun firing when you don't expect it). Loads of times when I was first starting dealing with returns from customers, I have lost count of the amounts of times I have put my hand over the end of a spring pistol and pulled the trigger at point-blank range and shot my hand, I learned the hard way, and now I expect every gun to be loaded and so should you. 


The best practice is to always leave your gun unloaded and also maybe with no mag in it, just in case you or someone else picks it up and pulls the trigger. If your airsoft gun has a safety switch, leave it on when you're not using it. Another thing that's very important is to never look down the barrel of a bb gun.   


Dangers from bb pellets

We do get asked a lot, "Are bb pellets pet safe?", and we have looked into it, and we found out that the bad ass and angry ball brands biodegradable bb pellets are both pet safe. There could also be other brands that are pet safe, but you need to check with those brands directly your self. Bb pellet could also be a choking hazard. Although they are very small (6mm), it's best safe practice to keep them off of the floor if you have babies or young kids in the home. 


Top 10 Airsoft safety tips


  1. Always Treat bb airsoft guns as if they are loaded and never take it for granted that it is unloaded.
  2. Never point your rifle or pistol at any pet of person even if you think the gun is unloaded.
  3. Do not fire at any targets or walls etc., unless you know everything surrounding the target is clear and you are wearing safety goggles.
  4. Keep your finger off of the airsoft guns trigger until you are ready to fire it.
  5. Keep your guns safety switch on when not using it, if it has one.
  6. Wear protective eyewear at all times. (full-face mask is recommended)
  7. Do not carry your BB gun openly in a public place or in a car; keep it in a bag at all times if possible.
  8. Do not paint or alter the colour of your BB gun to black.
  9. Check to make sure you bb gun is not loaded and store it unloaded you are when not using it.
  10. Never reuse ammo and pick up fired bb pellets off of the ground.


airsoft gun safety  

Always read all the information that you will receive with your BB or airsoft gun before use.


If you have any more questions regarding gun safety, then please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Have fun, enjoy it and play safe.


without prejudice