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Track your delivery


*Please Note - If your tracking number starts with "TI" paste you tracking number in the box and hit TRACK then on the next screen select

"Parcelforce" and then your shipments tracking status will show.

please also see the shipping faq below.  



Q. I ordered on Friday night (or Saturday and Sunday) with express delivery where is my gun ?

A. if you ordered after 3pm on Friday night we probably wont pack your order until Monday as we dont have any collections from Parcelforce or Royal Mail at the weekend. this means if you ordered Friday night it will be packed and sent on Monday and you should get your order on Tuesday/Wednesday.  


Q. My order was sent on Saturday and its Monday now where is my gun?

A. Sometimes at weekends if we are in a busy period we will pack some orders to help reduce our workload on Mondays so everyones orders get sent on time. so if you got a email over the weekend with a tracking number it means that we have been busy packing orders but because those orders have not been collected from us yet (our collection will be around 4-5pm on Monday) this is why your tracking number will not be working. you should expect your delivery on Tuesday for express deliveries and Wednesday or Thursday for standard and Friday for free deliveries.


Q. My tracking number is not working.

A. This is because those orders have been packed but have not been collected from us yet. our collection times are around 4-5pm Monday to Friday when the shippers collect from us they take the parcels to their Depot and then scan them at this point your tracking number will start to work. this is typically around 7-8 pm at night.  


Q. I contacted Parcelforce to find out where my parcel is and they said i need to contact the seller as there is a problem with the parcel.

A. This drives us absolutely crazy and we dont know why they say it but dont worry to much about it there is almost definitely nothing wrong with it. we think they say it to kind of pass the buck and they dont have to deal with you. normally when they say this your parcel is still not due to be delivered yet so just hang on for a bit. we cant really do anything until your parcel is past its due date so if you contact us when it is past its due date to let us know at this point we can then contact yodel to get a status update and find out if there really is a problem or not. but as we said here before DONT WORRY 99.9 percent of the time there is no problem and your parcel will be delivered on time.