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when things go wrong

Posted by jonathan on

Although we are one of the biggest sellers of bb guns in the UK we are still a small family run company with not so many staff and a limit to what we can achieve in a week's work.

we sell a lot of stuff and it is imposable for us to check and test every gun before sending, we do randomly test guns and if a buyer asks we will check his gun before sending. if we get feedback from buyers that a particular gun is problematic we may test every one of that particular product. this is rare but it has happened. across all guns from every brand there is a return ratio but normally this is less than 1 percent. this small percentage of faulty guns will apply to every retailer no matter where you buy it from.

we are not perfect and mistakes do happen but if we did anything wrong we apologize as that is not out intention, as clearly customers who buy stuff from us like you are what allows us to operate successfully and grow year on year. upsetting customers clearly is not good for business and i hope you agree it would be stupid of us to do this on purpose.

This is our company priorities told to our staff and printed on the wall (in no particular order)

1. offer the best prices possible to our customer

2. never knowingly be beat on price on a like for like product from a competitor

3. offer the largest range of bbguns possible

4. offer products unique and exclusive to our company

5. ship all orders out of our door as soon as possible

6. if an order gets lost in the post make sure the customer eventually gets the order he paid for to him as soon as we can.

7. if a customer opens his order and finds a faulty product put it right for them as soon as possible.

8. if a customer call or emails for buying advice give them the best honest advice to your knowledge

9. be polite and show the customer respect

10. clean up after yourself and keep the shop and warehouse as tidy as possible

11.try to continually improve how we do things

11. always do your best

we would like to think we operate better and make fewer mistakes than our competitors already. but we are doing many many thousands of orders a year and its imposable for 100 percent to happen without any problems along the way, we do genuinely try our best and hopefully, what we do in the event of a problem will put us in front of our competition.

Going forwards we are continually improving how we do things for example, recently we have added CCTV to the packing area so if anything is missing from your order we can check the CCTV and make sure you get everything you ordered, we also have other stuff in the pipeline now that enhance our operation in the future.

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