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Huge CYMA Restock now on the site!

Posted by jc on

just to let you know our huge restock of CYMA Airsoft bb guns is now fully on the bbguns4less website.

all of the bb guns were made especially for bbguns4less in the cyma factory and we are the only store you can buy them from.

the differences on the products are

1. the automatic rifles and pistols have been made not to go over the UK's new laws regarding the power of airsoft guns.

2. all of the electric guns come with a UK Rhos tested three pin Mains charger. (basically, this means the charger is made to UK safety specifications, and you are going to get a UK type 3 pin plug that you can use straight away without having to buy any adapters.)

3. the bb guns all come in a factory finished uk legal two-tone blue colour. all of our competitors buy the gun in black and then paint it blue themselves, our ones are made with blue plastic or polymer so if it gets scratched it will still be blue and there are not blemishes or drips, chips, or floors etc. on the weapon.

all of the new range of guns are skermishable weapons (apert frm the cm022 and cm023) and include several m4s, an ak47, p90 and other a few others. There are also a few electric pistols inc the popular glock style cm030. there is also 3 tri shot shot guns in the range.

here are the links to the new spec cyma bbguns we have just got.

Cyma CM011 HK G36C Airsoft Gun Metal in Blue

Cyma CM 023 MP5 Electric Semi Automatic AEG BB gun

Cyma CM508 M4 SIR System in Blue

Cyma CM022 Electric Automatic AK47 AEG in Blue

CYMA CM351 M870 Breacher Shotgun in blue

Cyma CM518 M4 SIA Custom Muzzle Break in Blue

Cyma CM060 P90 AEG in Blue

Cyma CM032 AEG M14 Airsoft Rifle in Blue

Cyma CM121 D-Eagle Electric Airsoft Pistol AEP in blue

Cyma CM028S Electric AK47 Airsoft rifle in Blue

CYMA CM355 Tactical M870 Operators Shotgun in Blue

Cyma CM507 M4 RIS Handguard in Blue

Cyma CM506 M4 RAS 11 Handguard CQB in Blue

Cyma ZM93 AK47 Spring Rifle in blue

CYMA M4 CM513 Carbine Replica in Blue

CYMA CM352 M870 Shotgun With Folding Stock in Blue

Cyma CM030 Electric Airsoft Pistol AEP in Blue

Cyma CM123 Electric Airsoft Pistol AEP in blue

Cyma CM126 Electric Airsoft Pistol AEP in Blue

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