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What is a bb gun?

Posted by JC on

Well, to start with, it could mean a different thing depending on what country you are from; here in the UK, when most people talk about a bb gun, they really mean and airsoft gun. and when people from America talk about a bb gun, in the UK, we would call that an airgun. (a gun that fires a metal pellet for hunting or killing vermin etc) so some times you may see bb guns getting bad press in the USA, but they are not talking about the bb guns for sale on bbguns4less, as all we sell are airsoft guns.

Most airsofters in the Uk call most cheaper two-tone guns "bb guns" and more expensive gun "airsoft guns" but they are basically the same thing; there is no wrong or right; just say what you are comfortable with.

Most other countries call a bb gun an airsoft gun, but the other exceptions apart from the UK, are china (where most bb guns are made) and Thailand. Now the terminology is out the way, let's look at how a bb gun works and what they are used for.

Airsoft guns/BB guns are non-lethal guns generally for sporting use and are harmless, they are used correctly, and our safety information is observed.

when fired, a bb gun will shoot a 6mm plastic bb pellet at your desired target at between 100 - 500 feet per second (fps). Bb airsoft guns are designed not to kill anything or, course, any lasting damage. if you were to get hit by a pellet, it would not normally break your skin and make you bleed, unless possibly you had the most powerful bb gun on the market and fired it at someone at blank range, even then it is very doubtful it would enter your body like an airgun pellet shot at you would.

In normal use, when you get hit, it stings for a few seconds, and then the pain goes; it's hard to explain, but for example, I would say it feels a little bit like getting flicked by a finger strongly when you shot, but it feels a bit sharper.

BB guns intended for target practice, skirmishing (similar to paintball) and garden battles. but they do also have other uses.

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