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Vigor due in next week pre order info!

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hi just to let you know we have a container from the vigor factory due dock in the port next week with 10 products in it, most are restocks but there is 1 or 2 new products also.

first we have the top selling L85A2 and L85A1 the a1 is the same as the a2 but the a2 comes with a flashlight and scope. 

the we have the L86A1 and the L86A2 , then we have the replica spring scar rifle called the 8902A thats been out of stock for some time now. another itam thats been out of stock for a long time thats also coming back in is the spring thompson 8904A. next on pre order is the spring m4 called the 8908.

a brand new product called the 8907A that is a m4 (photo below in black but ours will be two tone blue)and lastly 2 cheap pistols one called the 2112-B4 and the other is the 2123A1 that we have on sale at the moment. 

all of the bb guns coming from vigor are now available on pre order. 

have fun and play safe!

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