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​Top 10 bb guns Safty tips

Posted by jon on

Top 10 bb gun Safty tips

1. Transporting guns.

Always move around guns in a protective case. Not only will it protect your gun, but it is also required by law and could prevent you from getting shot your self.

2. Never paint your gun black if you don't have a valid reason to own a black gun.

The two-tone colour helps people such as police officers distinguish it from a real gun. Painting them black is against the law.

3. Always treat the bb gun as if it were loaded.

And never look down a gun barrel.

4. Never point the gun at anything that you don’t want to shoot.

Keep your finger off of the trigger when moving, This will help to prevent accidental shooting.

5. Make sure there isn’t anything beyond your target that you don’t want to shoot, as You can’t always count on hitting your target.

6. Never take your bb gun to school.

This could get you suspended, expelled, or maybe even arrested.

7. Avoid playing in public parks and spaces which can be illegal and cause distress to any persons nearby, Play on private property, in your own garden or designated Airsoft sites.

8. Full face protective masks are suggested for full face protection at all times whether playing with the gun and even if you are just standing nearby we suggest you get something to protect your self from an accidental shot or rebound. Never shoot at anyone who dont have on proper protection.

9. Wear heavy clothing or a tactical vest etc and avoid unprotected visible skin from t-shirts etc. Thick jumpers or coats, and balaclava's, gloves, hats, strong boots, and knee and elbow pads are recommended.

10. if you dont have a full face mask, Never play without Airsoft glasses or goggles with shatterproof lenses instead.

please leave a comment if we have left anything out that we should have put in thanks and play safe. 

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