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Massive Well,Galaxy and blackviper re-stsock very soon

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we have a 3 big containers coming in to us over the next 2 weeks.

first we have a well container due in around the 15th of april this will have a lot of out of stock sniper rifles, some gas bb guns and 1 or to electric guns. there are also a few new guns coming from well. this will all go on presale  onn the site over the next few days. 

the galaxy container due on the 21st of april has mostly their full metal pistol range, but also we have the popular g31 barrett sniper rifle  (m82a1) and the g35 rifle. this galaxy continer will all go on presale on the site over around the 9th of april.

lastly the blackviper container due in on the 18th of april will have some out of stock aeg rifles and some spring pistols. this will go on presale this week.

more details in the next post stay tuned.


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