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BB hand guns

we have the biggest selection of bb gun pistols on the netBB gun pistols

We have a MASSIVE range of BB Pistols, quite possibly the largest range on the entire internet!
There are three main types of pistol that we sell, with the most common being Springers, then
Gas, and finally - Electric. Mostly, Our weapons are constructed of strong ABS plastic but we do
sell Full Metal Pistols - However, being made of metal is not always an advantage as some of
our plastic weapons are actually better made and more reliable.
BB Pistols are amazing for use in backyard battles and for target practice to train your skills before
a game. Please remember to NEVER, EVER look down the end of your weapon, loaded or not - and
do not forget to buy yourself a set of "Safety Glasses"
If you plan to use your pistol as a sidearm, for either CQB or Field then you will need to get a
"Holster" for your weapon.
All of our weapons are great value for money, but please remember to never re-use pellets, and
DO NOT use cheap "bad" pellets, only go for decent, high-end pellets.
using cheap pellets WILL damage the inside of your gun and will then void your warranty instantly
meaning we cannot refund your purchase.

For a guide on which type of weapon to go for, please scroll down to the bottom of
the page for a full, in-depth description of the different sorts of pistol available.