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BB gun pellets


We sell the best quality cheap bb gun pellets and ammo in the uk.

We only use good stuff that wont block or damage your gun. we are distributors for bulldog Crossman Cybergun kings arms ect. The bb pellets we have go from 0.12g to 0.30g in weight and all of the ammo we sell is 6mm in size. Any pellets we have for sale will fit any bb gun on the website. When buying bb pellets you want to be looking for polished pellets with no seams or imperfections just 100 percent round (all of the bb pellets we sell are like this). For cheap spring bb guns its best to use 0.12 gram and with more powerful guns best to use more heavy pellets (0.20g bb pellets are the most popular choice) as a rule of thumb lighter pellets will have a longer range but more heavy pellets are more accrete the trick is to get the right balance for your gun. Never reuse pellets or pick them up off of the ground as they go out of shape and dirt will lead to blockages and could harm your gun One important thing to remember is to always use good quality bb pellets as using cheap pellets will void your warrantee.