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What is a Hop up

Oh, hey. Just about to do some adjustments on the hop up here. You see, my

brand new rifle isn't shooting the way I thought it would and, seeing as
how this is my first Airsoft gun, I really would like it to shoot straight
and accurately. Well, it shoots straight enough, but it drops off at about
only 50 feet. Lucky for me, I have an adjustable hop up. So, let's just
crank this thing up and see how it does then.

Now, they're flying all crazy up into the trees. Is this how my gun's
supposed to work? Absolutely not. Proper use of hop up will increase
accuracy and range tremendously. The more hop up pushed into the barrel,
the greater backspin applied to the BB and the further the shot will
travel. However, too much hop up applied results in an unstable flight

The trick is to find just the right amount of hop up to throw the shot
further, more accurately. Furthermore, it is a rule of thumb that heavier
BBs can be stabilized with more hop up and therefore can travel further
more accurately. This is one reason why many players prefer 0.25 gram ammo
over 0.2 gram.

If you didn't know how to, learning to adjust your hop up correctly can
breathe new life into a gun you thought was a poor performer. But now that
you know, you can get out and play. See ya.