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Well D90H Fully automatic BB gun P90 replica

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Masks & Goggles

Safety Eyewear

BB pellets
Rifle bags & slings
Tactical gear

Product Description

This Well D-90H is a Full scale replica of The famous FN P90 manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium

It was designed in 1990 as a compact but powerful firearm for vehicle crews, operators of crew-served weapons, support personnel, special forces and counter-terrorist groups. its now used by over 200 law enforcement agenciesincluding the U.S. Secret Service.

It is a high powerd full automatic electric bb gun The P90 is fully ambidextrous—it can be operated by right or left-handed shooters with equal ease

its a 6mm caliber bbgun and its a unconventional weapon with a striking futuristic appearance  you may have seen it on tv's stargate and other films etc.

This BB gun is a cracker and boasts full automatic fire to a max range of 40mt.

it shots at 290 fps and it has a large 200 round capacity magazine.

it fires 400 rounds per min

it comes with loads of accessories .

  • Red cross electric scope
  • Push button LED torch
  • Mock silencer
  • carry Sling
  • Clearing rod
  • Safety glasses
  • BB Target catcher
  • Nicad battery and charger
  • Small packet of BB`s

D-90H Electric Gun 

sizes - Length 655mm (with silencer) 470mm (without silencer)

Note:- Gun will be supplied without laser

we also have the d90h in blue 


BBgun Details

Shot Power

bbgun power icon bbgun power icon bbgun power icon bbgun power icon

Shot Accuracy

bbgun-aiming bbgun-aiming bbgun-aiming bbgun-aiming

Magazine Capacity


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Product Reviews

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  1. Good for beginners

    Posted by andy on 20th May 2014

    This is a amazing gun for beginners (like me) but due to gravity mag does misfire. if u can ignore the misfire this is truly AWESOME!

  2. Good starting gun

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Sep 2012

    Good for people who are new to electrical guns, like myself :) Just make sure you have the gun facing upwards or even-level or it won't fire properly

  3. Gravity mag make me go crazy...

    Posted by Luna on 12th Aug 2012

    I don't know who's idea it was to put a gravity fed magazine on this, but I will find there house and burn it to the ground, it sprays like a sprinkler and I regret purchasing this on the Market where for £5 more I could've gotten an m4 carbine

  4. Great

    Posted by Jack on 8th Aug 2012

    I got the p90 I always win wars with it amazing get it

  5. real reveiw

    Posted by Henry on 1st Aug 2012

    Ok, so I bought this from another site (Cost me £65!) the other day and will now give a review BY A HUMAN.

    The magazine capacity is brilliant. and you can go over the 200 rounds recommended (though it can be a challenge to do so). the mag is easy to release, though it takes practice to do so with one hand. You lose about ten or more BB's when you disconnect the mag however, but the trap door system means that this often isn't needed.

    It has good power, though only 40 meters range outside with.20g ammo. It can hurt to be hit at short range with the gun, though waring a loose or baggy jumper removes this problem. That said, when fired indoors the BB's bounce around like a rubber ball on steriods so I would imagine that the power rating is about right. The gun has a medium amount of spread, but you could still hit a person with it.

    The sight is bad. it's mainly just for looks as the cross-hairs are so faint that you can hardly draw a bead on the target, and the lack of iron sights means that you have no alternative. But we found that you could mount the sight on the side of the gun and get better accuracy with it. The suppressor, whilst doing nothing to dampen sound, makes the gun better at longer range engagements and is easy to remove or put on. The speed sling makes up fpr all the flaws on this weapon however, easy to use and well made (see the pun) it's a great addition. The torch isn't so good, it's very weak but it looks cool.

    Brilliant battery life.

    Looks like the real thing. has a great feel too.

    A good weapon for begginers that really is suited to being used as a CQB weapon A.K.A. and SMG. however, the mag style means missfire/dryfire is common. and the mag can be a pain in the arse, but it's generaly good.

  6. Well D-90H

    Posted by Jake Larkin on 25th Jul 2012

    Just got this rifle today. It's superbly comfortable and ergonomic, a really nice place to be when you're shooting your mates.
    Its accuracy is pretty decent (providing that you use professional ammo. DO NOT make accuracy judgements based on the BBs that come with this rifle, as they are remarkably poor) and the power & ROF isn't bad at all for an AEG.

    The D-90H is indeed a VERY plastic gun, however I had trouble finding the wood for the trees, in the sense that its appearance steals the show. (Trust the Belgians to build something that you just can't take your eyes off =P). It truly is a wonderful looking piece of equipment.
    Of course, the red-dot sight is utter pants.

    The sole trouble I have with this weapon is the magazine, which does ruin the ride a little. It's gravity-fed, which means that if you're in a skirmish, the people of Warsaw will be able to hear the bloody thing rattling around.
    Because the magazine is gravity-fed, it will not work when pointed downwards (which, to be honest, is a scenario that you'll only ever find yourself in if you're performing an execution (sorry Geneva)).
    The gun responds to these issues by misfiring like an Irish musket.
    If somebody cared enough to put spring-feed magazines for the D-90H into production I would buy one as without hesitation.

    So, to recap;

    Excellent style and comfort.
    High rate of fire.
    Good power.
    Decent accuracy.

    Annoyingly bad magazine design.
    Necessity to buy a half-decent scope/sight.
    Doesn't work properly unless parallel to ground/pointed upwards, due to magazine.
    Price is a little unfair.

    I DO NOT regret buying this weapon, however there is some room for improvement.
    If you're looking for a Primary weapon that isn't trying to be the stereotypical Uzi, or worse, the inherently generic M4A1, that isn't boring and is nice to hold, look no further.

Showing reviews 1-6 of 16 | Next

Frequently asked questions...

  • How often does this gun misfire? (Asked by Kenzo)

  • Does this have a automated mag or a gravity fed mag ? (Asked by harrybob)
    • It looks like its gravity fed. since there is always a few bbs left in the mag when you reload, you lose about 3-15 bbs when reloading and removing the mag because of the awkward position of the mag (blame FN for that) (Reply by HarvHR)

  • how long does it take to charge (Asked by help)
    • Roughly about 2-6 hours (Reply by lulchick3ns)

  • Where can I get spare mags ? even if I could just get one that would be immense (Asked by SPARE MAGS ?)

  • Is this gun easaly breakable? (Asked by ED)

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