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FAMAS Foreign Legions Airsoft Version BB gun rifle

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Laser Sight

laser sight

Masks & Goggles
BB pellets

Product Description

This is the FAMAS Foreign Legions Airsoft rifle.
it is the same gun as the exact same gun FAMAS Tactical rifle we sell but with out some extras (it does not come with the forgrip, scope , flash light and black guard that fits over the silencer)
The Famas Foreign Legion Spring Airsoft Rifle, Clear is an awesome battlefield weapon that excels in powerful, high velocity shooting mayhem. Faithfully modeled after its real firearm counterpart, the
FAMAS served as the standard assault rifle of the French armed forces. The gun features a BAXS System for increased power and shooting accuracy, a 45 Rd magazine, and a shot velocity of 370 fps (using .12g BBs). The Famas Foreign Legion Spring Airsoft Rifle, Clear is extremely comfortable to shoot, and will provide airsoft enthusiasts with a reliable performance with every shot in the field. 
We sell a great cheap laser sight module that fits this gun and works great here.

  • BAX accuracy system
  • Includes sound moderator
  • Speed : 370 fps / 90 ms 0.12
  • Power : 0.6 J
  • Range : 52 m
  • Capacity : 45 bbs
  • Weight : 2450 g
  • Length : 81 cm

User review the French Foreign Legion's FAMAS.

"This is actually the standard version of the Cybergun FAMAS. The only features it
actually comes with are speed loader and unblocking tool. These are both
very good.  

 In my opinion, this is an extremely high quality gun, 370 feet per second.

This is one of the most powerful BB guns you can actually get in this
country for the price.

Features of this BBgun are...

A clip mount for your strap. This can be on
either side, as you can see at the back. Adjustable hop up underneath the
cheek guard. This can actually be put on either the left or right hand
side, depending on your preference. I'm right handed. I have it like
this; it feels comfortable. The barrel can also be removed for a Bit of a close quarters battle

but I prefer to have it on because it helps with
accuracy just a little bit. Even so, it's still fully legal with the orange tip.

This also comes with really good iron sights. These
were recently upgraded in 2011. The rear pin can move up and down,
depending on your preference. The front pin can move left and right so you
can always line up your perfect shots.

The safety is one of the greatest features of this gun. Just like the real
foreign legion's FAMAS, it clicks in front of the trigger. Even then you
cannot pull the trigger. The gun is fully safe.

The magazine can hold 40 rounds. Now, I know what you're thinking.

That's not that much. However, in skirmishes lasting 10 to 20 minutes,

you probably only use about 20 rounds.
because with a single shot rifle like this you are the DMR, the designated
marksman. You will be taking shots at people and each time, with this gun,
at least, you will hit them pretty much every time.

The power of this bbgun is 370 feet per second and I'm hitting the target

every time from about seven, maybe ten meters. All
in all an extremely high quality gun from Cybergun. I've had several of
their airsoft guns, and they're all high quality. I would definitely recommend
it for the price range. You're not going to beat it"
please also see our orange famas here 

we also sell a famas carry bag here and famas gun slip here.

Send us your video bbgun review's and we will put them up on the site. click here to find out how..

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Product Reviews

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  1. HAHA What good fun £39.99

    Posted by on

    i have had one of these guns for a year or so now really happy and for the price get yours not got medium range but packs a punch

  2. Good for the price! £39.99

    Posted by on

    This gun is actually really good for £40. Mine came today and it just hits everything I aim at without a fail. It's solid plastic and it's really easy to hold and aim with. Recommend to get a scope or something with it to make the shot more accurate. Definitely worth the price!

  3. :DDDDDD £39.99

    Posted by on

    This is on e of the best spring rifles ever! Hit my target every time but I advise getting a scope! Out does some snipers (370fps with 0.20 grams) Just get it...

  4. Epic £39.99

    Posted by on

    The gun feels solid when holding. very tough plastic. its not hard to use fantastic accuracy best gun I have bought so far. For £40 don't think you could get a better gun.

  5. Fantastic FAMAS £39.99

    Posted by on

    This really is an excellent piece of kit. Even a very average shot like me can consistently hit a 10 by 20 cm target at 60 feet. Better shots than me have been hitting the same target at over 80 feet. After 100's of shots there hasn't been a single jam.

    If I had to choose one BB rifle to own, this would have to be it, and at £40 you really are getting a bargin.

  6. Outstanding Performance £39.99

    Posted by on

    I have had this gun for a few weeks now, and I can agree with the vast majority of comments made about it. Extremely accurate, very reliable, and looks great. Fires BBs at a very high velocity, especially for a gun at such a low price. The iron sights are fantastic, slightly difficult to get used to at first but become very easy to use after a short time using the gun. I have had no problems so far with the magazine, it seems to feed the BBs into the gun very well, and the 40BBs or so that it holds is more than enough, even in a skirmish. Speaking of skirmishes, this seems to outperform AEGs priced around £50-£60, as they are (typically) less accurate and powerful, and with the supreme performance of this rifle, all it takes is one well aimed shot to take someone out. This rifle also has some rail space, if you're interested in adding an electronic sight or a torch or whatever else you'd like (personally I like the gun without all the fancy stuff on it). The safety feature on this gun is unique and of high quality, as it prevents you from even reaching the trigger properly when it is on.
    A couple of things to note: This gun doesn't come with safety glasses, so if you don't already have a set then make sure to order them with the gun! 0.2gram BBs seem to suit this gun the best, giving it a good balance of accuracy, range and velocity. A protective mask can make it slightly difficult to aim down the iron sights with, although it will become much easier the more you try it. Protective glasses may still be easier however.
    Overall, absolutely fantastic gun. Amazing value, it should be more expensive because of the quality, but it just isn't. So before you leave this page, make sure to click ADD TO CART.

  7. Cant wait £39.99

    Posted by on

    Carnt wait 4 this gun getting the gun ordered tomoz , how long will delivery take ?

  8. Must Buy!! £39.99

    Posted by on

    I just bought this gun for some air-soft wars with my friends. It is amazing, the sights are brilliant and it has two tactical rails so you can mount a bio-pod or torch. The mag is perfect size. I would definatley pick this over the Bison 301, AK47G or the M41K (my mates bought a M41K at the same time and it starting jamming after 2 days)

  9. very good £39.99

    Posted by on

    i just got 1 of this gun and it is amazing it got incredible power and accuracy.The only thig bad is the sight but i got an eletric sight and i works well good :)


    Posted by on

    Get the gun, BBguns4less sell it the cheapest!

    10/10 Best gun i have ever bought and so accurate

    USE 0.20 BBs

Showing reviews 1-10 of 15 | Next

Frequently asked questions...

  • is this make fully auto? (Asked by qwerty)

  • Is it fully atuomatic? (Asked by Alex)
    • no its a spring but has good fps. but if you want a gun thats fully auto get the m4a1 carbine ive got this 1 its good (Reply by dalraj)
    • Nope. Spring powered. You pull the little lever under the top rail for each shot. (Reply by Me)

  • how do you load it (Asked by jake)

  • is it fully automatic??? O.o (Asked by eryk)

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