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Double Eagle M83 A1 fully automatic bb gun in green

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£44.99 (You save £20.01)
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Masks & Goggles

Safety Eyewear

BB pellets
Rifle bags & slings
Tactical gear

Product Description

Double Eagle M83 A1 electric Semi and fully automatic bb gun

this is the green model

and it is a replica of the famous M4 carbine machine gun

the gun is basicly the same as the m83 b2 we sell but with a Adjustable tactical stock.

It is a 6mm calibre electric fully auto bbgun.

The rifle can shoot at around 250 fps and a range of around 40mt

The magazine holds around 40 pellets and its a very accurate shooter

The stock is solid and in automatic mode it can fire at a whopping 350 rounds per min

this gun comes with more extras that is in the photo.

in the box you get 

  • Extension barrel.
  • Front rail mounted for grip Handle.
  • Mock Silencer, 
  • red dot scope
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack and mains charger.
  • Protective Glasses.
  • Flashlight 
  • Includes Adjustable Shoulder Stock,
  • Includes Nicad Battery for M83A with UK Mains Charger.
  • Includes cleening rod and loading tube.

This gun is highly recommended as one of the best bbguns out.

This bbgun does not come with laser

 We also sell the M83A1 in Orange

and we sell a full range of spare's parts for the m83 bbgun 

Send us your video bbgun review's and we will put them up on the site. click here to find out how..

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great, but......

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Nov 2012

    This gun was one of my first, it sure as hell got me into airsoft and im buying £300 odd pound guns now. This gun has amazing accuracy and can stand tall alongside, more expensive M4 Models, The only problem i found was the fct that the barrel is very fragile and I had to replace mine 3 times! But overall a great gun, and for that price, its amazing.


    Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2012

    Best gun ever! Great accuracy and power but would recommend 0.20g bb pellets.


    Posted by Unknown on 11th Mar 2012

    i got it couldnt wait for it to be deliverd then it came it looks AMAZING it fires great and also you need ultrasonics there the best bb gun pellets for it but if you like shooting i reccomend this but obviusley not a great buy if your a pro you would be looking for 300 over but if your good you could put up a greaat fight i love it my favourite gun i ever shot highly reccomended

  4. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2012

    I am a true airsoft player i go around the UK competing in games and just recently bought this gun and used it in a game it was truly amazing great accuracy and power i recommend getting this.

  5. awsome

    Posted by TANK on 14th Jan 2012

    great gun,compleatly solid has a great feel to it. my laser didn't work properly but that didn't matter AWSOME

  6. good

    Posted by adam leach on 11th Jan 2012

    my first aeg bb gun. came with all extras. My wire on my laser came off after 2 days, my battery died after 2 hours of charging and now limits the gun to 180 fps with 0.12. great gun good accuracy and rate of fire, just wish they got more mags in stock :D

Showing reviews 1-6 of 17 | Next

Frequently asked questions...

  • Does this gun fit 0.20g BB Pellets (Asked by Rece Collier)
    • it take both 0.20 work better (Reply by lisa)

  • Hi im new to bb guns does it matter what size and type of ammo you use? Also how big is this gun? (Asked by Murat)
    • all the ammo fit all of the guns on this site (Reply by lisa)
    • The weight doesn't, 0.20gram work best, but the size does make sure they are 6mm (Reply by Mike)
    • You have to use 6mm bb's (Reply by HI)
    • I haven't been doing airsoft for long but personally I'd recommend 0.20g (6mm) pellets. You can buy them from the site at 2000 for £4.99 I think (Reply by ViiPER1)
    • it is your choice what size gun you use, e.g i like to use assalt rifles and my friend likes to use a sniper. airsoft/bb gun ammo is usually 6mm but there are different weight bullets,i suggest using 0.12 grams to 0.20 grams, the lighter the bullet the faster it will shoot but the wind will be able to move it easier than using a 0.20g. in addition to my answer about the size of your gun, the longer the barrel the more accurate your gun will be. i recomend using the baxs system, the spring famas by cybergun uses this system and it is very accurate and powerfull. i hope i have heped you and have fun playing airsoft! (Reply by joey)
    • All 6mm bb ammo works but I would recommend 0.20g because 0.12 is more inaccurate. (Reply by Dan)

  • Is it one of those removable reload the magazine ones or is it just one you fill up the magazine from the bottom? (Asked by Alex)
    • the mag comes out and u use a speed loader to load it (Reply by bnjmmin)
    • its removable!!!!! it a great gun n u wont be disapointed (Reply by jp)

  • Does this gun fit 20mm Weaver Rail scopes or do I have to fit my own rail before buying a scope/red dot sight? (Asked by Sam)

  • What voltage is the battery in the pack? (Asked by Tom)
    • 7.2 v (Reply by KAMIL)
    • 7.2v im wondering how long to charge the battery for (Reply by kieran)

  • So this gun is just fully auto you cant change it? (Asked by Joe)
    • it is both semi and full automatic (Reply by bob)
    • no you can also change it to semi- automatic and full automatics as well (Reply by michael)

  • Is it a 1:1 scale model? (Asked by Will M-B)

  • hi what are the dimension of the gun (Asked by rytag41)

  • is this gun a 1:1 scale (Asked by ike)

  • is this gun good for skermishing with friend (Asked by lee)

  • Does this still come with extras?? (Asked by jaymee)
    • yes it does (Reply by admin)

  • has it got good accuracy (Asked by lukasss)

  • does this m83 come with the extras or does the orange one only come with them (Asked by Adam)

  • will a normal speed loader work for this or does the rod only work ???? (Asked by adam)

  • how long do i charge my battery for?? (Asked by kieran)

  • doas it come with a sling (Asked by bob)

  • Will standard M4/M16 AEG parts fit on this gun? (Asked by Chaz)

  • Is the interior metal? Do hi-cap mags fit this gun? (Asked by Luke)

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