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Double Eagle M83 A1 electric Semi and fully automatic bb gun

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£44.99 (You save £20.01)
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Masks & Goggles

Safety Eyewear

BB pellets
Rifle bags & slings
Tactical gear

Product Description

Double Eagle M83 A1 electric Semi and fully Automatic BB gun.

Is a replica of the famous M4 carbine machine gun
The gun is basically the same as the M83 B2 we sell but with a Adjustable tactical stock.
It is a 6mm calibre electric fully auto BBgun.
The rifle can shoot at around 250 fps and a range of around 40mt and it fires around 5 shots a sec
The magazine holds around 40 pellets and its a very accurate shooter with a good rate of fire.

The stock is strong and its a well built BBgun 
In automatic mode it can fire at a whopping 350 rounds per min
It comes with loads of extras in the box and there are lots of different ways you can set this gun up.

  • Extension barrel
  • Front rail mounted Handle
  • Mock Silencer
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack and mains charger
  • Protective Glasses
  • Adjustable hop up
  • Includes Adjustable Shoulder Stock, and sporting fore grip
  • Includes Nicad Battery for M83A with UK Mains Charger (it takes around 2 or 3 hours to charge)

This gun is highly recommended as one of the best BBguns for its price out.

this bbgun now comes with the a Free red-dot sight,(this is a free gift and not warranted)

we also sell this M83b2
and we sell a full range of spares parts for the M83 BBgun

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Product Reviews

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  1. opinion

    Posted by jamie on 30th Apr 2014

    I am likening the pictures and I am getting this On Saturday looks good for
    my first airsoft gun will send review when trsted

  2. Great for beginners and target practice

    Posted by Jack on 29th Nov 2013

    Being constructed completely out of ABS plastic and shooting at around 250fps the gun is nothing special but is extremely realistic and is great for target practice in the back garden. It comes with some nice attachments but they are very cheap and just about half of them broke within two weeks of getting the gun. As the saying goes you get what you pay for as it is a cheap gun being at the price of £44.99. I would highly recommend this gun for beginners and for target practice.

  3. Hmmm... It's... OK... I suppose

    Posted by Mat on 20th Jun 2013

    For the price, it's alright I suppose, but I was expecting it to be a bit better...

    I also have a DE M85, which has exactly the same internals as the M83, so some of the review comments here apply to both guns.

    The look of the gun is great, although the colouring of the gun that I received is more like the picture of the M83 B2 on this site, with a black body and orange handle, rather than the orange body and black handle in the pictures above - I think it looks great and think it looks better than the pictures above. It feels good when you are holding it too. However, it does feel cheap. The Mags only hold around 40 bb's, so low capacity for an AEG by all accounts (I knew this before ordering, but when you empty a mag in a few seconds in full auto, it can get a little frustrating).

    The tactical stock on this M83 A1 is a great feature and is the reason I chose this over the M83 B2 version with the fixed stock (even though that version would have been £5 cheaper). The stock itself feels fairly sturdy, and the adjustability is a great feature.

    The scope is ok and has two brightness levels and would add some 'fun' to using the gun, if it were not for a fundamental design flaw: The handle and fixed front sight on the M83 stop you from being able to use it (Look at the pictures above, you'll see what I mean)!! It is also made from cheap plastic, so not sure how long it would last.

    The mock suppressor is also made from cheap plastic and how it attaches to the gun is ok - certainly better than the design of the suppressor on the M85. However, care still needs to be taken, as it looks like it could break off if knocked against a tree or wall, or if dropped. It also comes with an all-orange barrel extension that you can attach instead of the suppressor - I prefer the look of the mock suppressor, so have fitted that.

    The sling is good, although the clips on the sling to attach it to the gun are a bit thin and weak and don't inspire confidence.

    The safety goggles that are supplied are rubbish - the lenses are slightly "rippled", so distort your view quite badly - I would recommend getting different safety goggles (Always wear safety goggles when playing with bb/airsoft guns!!).

    The biggest problem I have had is with the mags and how they seem to struggle to feed bb's into the gun. I ordered a second mag too, and it is exactly the same with both... The spring in the mags just doesn't seem to be strong enough to consistently feed bb's heavier than .12g into the gun (This could be a weak spring, or "stiction" from poor build and materials, or a combination of both)... With .20g bb's you can forget about filling the mag up and expect it to fire them. I have (with both mags) only been able to load around 10-15 .20g bb's in order to get it to fire consistently. Any more than that loaded into the mag and it just seems to struggle to push them up. I have been using Fireball .20g Biodegradable bb's, so this can't be blamed on cheap imperfect bb's. With Fireball .12g bb's it works fine with a full mag. I have had exactly the same issue with the M85 and the mags on that gun, so I assume that the mag internals are much the same between the two guns, even though the mag externals are different.

    The power/range and accuracy of this rifle do leave a bit to be desired and if I am honest left me a little underwhelmed. Compared to both my gas pistol (a SRC GG 104B Beretta 92 replica Gas pistol), and my Shotgun (a DE M56C pump action shotgun) - Both of which are more powerful, admittedly - The M83 is nowhere near as powerful nor as accurate.

    All-in-all, I am not sure you could get a "better" AEG for this price, but perhaps saving up for a more expensive, and hopefully better gun may be a better idea.

  4. Abysmal. Trust me, I'm a veteran.

    Posted by Henry on 15th Jun 2013

    Okay, now for those who claim this gun is amazing; try using it for more than a day. As an Airsoft repair and Upgrade tech I can tell you I see far too many of these come through my door. It's dreadful. Inaccurate, short-ranged and slow firing.

    If you want a starting gun, this isn't the one for you. Go with the Bulldog A500, A cyma p022 or (If you can afford it) a Double Eagle M901c. The M901c is the best of these options, the only one you could even try and bring to a skirmish.

    Mags are a unique. No other M4 mag's fit, which is bad as these mags are unreliable and brake easily.

    It's weaker than a fly.

    I can spit further than this shoots.

    Accuracy? I'm sorry, but if you can even get it to fire properly then maybe I'll look at that.

    And no, I NEVER repair these things. They've got full plastic internals and are not upgradable or repairable.

    In short, if you want a half decent indroductory gun, you don't go with this gun. Pay more and get something that's actually worth your while. I use a ICS RIS AK47, costing around £400 with upgrades. The M901 and the A500 can both give me a run for my money when used correctly. So please, go spend more money. This site has some great higher level guns.

  5. 90 pound gun for half the price BARGAIN

    Posted by apple593 on 12th Jun 2013

    a great gun worth £90 or more. great accurusy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.1 and don't forget this is one of a kind. no where eless can you get it. =)

  6. This gun is ok

    Posted by An Airsoft player on 9th Jun 2013

    There are many faults in this gun
    Firstly the magazine cannot hold a lot of bbs
    Secondly the fire rate is too high for the magazine
    Then the bbs do not go very far
    There are some good points
    They give a free torch which is very useful for other things
    There is also a free scope
    Overall this bb gun is a high-end garden plinker.

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Frequently asked questions...

  • can it have a drum mag (Asked by steven)
    • no (Reply by jayb)
    • yes it can have a drum mag but it has to fit i had to buy 3 in the end because the first one was to big and the 2 one was to small so i found i medium sized one and it fit really good and was really good in the scottish bb gun war 2011 (Reply by mikey211)
    • I suppose so (Reply by fudgy45)

  • How far does it shoot (Asked by jake)
    • 40 metres (Reply by fudgy45)
    • approx 30-40 meters. 50 if the hop is adjusted correctly. (Reply by admin)

  • What are the rails are they weaver (Asked by Nikolai)
    • yes they are. (Reply by lisa)
    • yes R.I.S weaver rails. (Reply by anaon)
    • They are R.I.S Rails, Weaver rails are the same. (Reply by admin)

  • can this shoot through cardboard...? (Asked by Corey)
    • it peirces 1 side it recks when you get hit (Reply by jake)

  • is it just orange (Asked by miky)
    • We do have a green version on the site (Reply by admin)

  • if the barrel broke of inside the gun how do i get it out (Asked by joel)
    • with a few hours of annoying gun surgery :) (Reply by adam)

  • Where on the gun is the hop up system? (Asked by Will)
    • well there is a flap on the right side of the gun and the hop up is under that. hope this helps (Reply by ben )
    • Behind the dust cap (the part where the bullet casings come out of in real life) its a simple cover that you can just open (Reply by LP)

  • How many mags, does this come with? (Asked by Will)
    • just one =) (Reply by fudgy45)

  • does it come with a touch (Asked by lewis )
    • it comes with what it says in the description (Reply by lisa)

  • how do i fix the scilencer if it broke of and now part of it is in the gun (Asked by joel)
    • this happened to me, you have to stick your finger into the barrel and twist to get out the screw part, and you can buy a replacement part on the website (Reply by toby)
    • if by stuck you mean the thread of the silencer is stuck then get some pliers and slowly unscrew it (Reply by adam)

  • how can i unblock it (Asked by tommy)
    • use the unblocking rod it comes with. do not try and fire with a blocked bbgun it will break your gear box. (Reply by jon)
    • You may have to CAREFULY! take the barrel off and the mag, The way i get it out is using the LONG speed loader. (Reply by Expert)
    • i personnally try using the rod properly but... i had to smash the rod into the bb's and fire with no ammo and then 10 shot out of the end (Reply by adam)

  • what type off bb bullets does it use (Asked by jonathan)
    • it takes 0.12 and 0.20 i think that 0.20 work better in my m83 (Reply by jon)

  • how long does it take to fully charge and once fully charged how long does the battery last (Asked by jonathan)
    • Do not charge over 5 hrs when it gets warm take it off straight away It lasts 4 hrs (Reply by Olz)

  • can u get any other mags for it if so where (Asked by ryan)
    • there are mags for sale on this site on the spares page (Reply by jon)

  • Can i get some extra mags for the gun which have a higher capacity? (Asked by BBGUNMADBOY :))
    • none available at the moment (Reply by admin)

  • can you get a high round mag for this gun thanks (Asked by jonnny)

  • how can i make it quieter? (Asked by KAMIL)

  • Does it come with a sling? (Asked by Josh)

  • what is the difference between .12 & .02 pellets (Asked by dave 9910)
    • they are different weighted ammo, 0.12 ammo is usually used to increase fps and damage, 0.2's are for slightly stronger guns and are a lot more accurate. (Reply by adam)

  • i may be getting this gun so can anyone tell me if to get this gun if not any others u recomend (Asked by reece)

  • i am unsure about the colour scheme. The gun used in the video reviews appears to consist of less orange parts (me gusta) whereas the one displayed in the image consists of more orange parts. (me no like) could someone please tell me, which coour scheme does it actualy come as. thanks (Asked by franko)

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