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CO2 and gas bbguns

cheap gas and co2 bb guns for sale in the uk

Gas / Co2 Powered BB Guns.

We are very proud to say that we stock the largest range of Two-Tone specialised gas BB guns on the
internet, and most certainly in the UK. With a massive range of different types of pistols to suit your
needs you have the option to choose something truly unique to you!

Gas pistols are the generally accepted side-arm of choice for all Airsoft players, and are defiantly
something all players will experience at some point in their time as a skirmisher – there will always
be someone with a gas pistol at any game you go to!
the main benefit of a gas pistol is the fact that you do not need to cock the slide each time you
want to fire like you would a Springer pistol.

There are two different types of firing mechanisms for gas pistols both with different merits over the

NBB (Non Blow-Back)
This type of pistol is easy to use and features a very low amount of moving parts making it very
reliable, pistols that are non blowback use all of the force of each shot to propel the bullet and not
to perform any other action making them typically more powerful than a gas blowback.
These type of pistols are usually cheaper than blowback weapons and are generally favoured by
newer players, or those who prefer gas economy and power over realistic action

GBB (Gas Blow-Back)
This version of the gas system include a realistic action on the pistol – when fired the slide will
kick back with recoil in a similar way to that of a real pistol, this is the type of pistol that is
commonly used by the more experienced or professional players due to the realistic action.
These pistols are typically more complex than a NBB as they include a number of moving parts
– the user of the pistol should take it upon themselves to clean and maintain the moving parts
of the weapon in order to extend its life.

Our gas guns are typically made from 3 different materials, ABS Plastic – this is the general
construction material of all low to medium price gas pistols and is just a very strong plastic, the
next is polymer – a very strong plastic-like substance that is more durable than ABS (this is
found on high-end weapons) and finally, metal – normally most gas pistol magazines
and internal components will be made from metal, with the slides of some more expensive
models being constructed from aluminium

There are two different types of gas containers that are used within gas pistols, the first being aerosol
style cans that are used to load an internal gas chamber in the magazine of the gun, or C02 Capsules
– these are inserted into the magazines and are simply replaced when empty. (Both found here: C02 or Aerosol Cans)



Please remember that cheap pellets will clog up and damage the inside of your weapon,
and as such using visibly “bad” pellets will instantly void any warranty that you have on
your weapon – the same goes for re-using pellets.

If you need any pellets please check our range of BB’s on site.