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CO2 and gas bbguns

cheap gas and co2 bb guns for sale in the uk

Gas / Co2 Powered BB Guns.

We have the biggest and best range of two tone gas bb guns in the world. Gas pistols are the side arm weapon of choice for most airsoft players. Some of the gas bb guns we sell have realistic gas blowback action (gbb) this makes the bb gun recoil after pulling the trigger making it look and operate exactly like the real thing. Gas bbguns are made of strong abs plastic or metal with the gun magazine normally made of metal. There are two types of gas containers used to charge the gun to fire it Co2 capsules or aerosol type gas cans (some times called green gas) so make sure you get the right one to use with your gun because you wont be able to fire your new bb gun without it. Gas guns can fire up to around 500 fps a good thing about gas bbguns is that you don’t have to cock you gun to fire like spring guns after each shot. But gas guns take a little more maintenance and looking after to keep working at there best.  Some of the bbguns here have even been sold to the military and police for simulation exercises as they are high powered and accurate also they are very realistic replicas based on real weapon models. One important thing to remember is to always use good quality pellets as cheap bb pellets will clog up your guns gear box and block your bb gun this will void your warrantee.